The Trip

The first four pictures are from Chicago and flying out of Chicago. Once it starts to get snowy then I had passed into Minnesota’s airspace. The menu and next several pictures are from the flight from Minnesota to Tokyo. The can amused me since it was Japanese and even had a different shape in the top of the can to drink from. The next three are just the first set of mountains I saw, then some ice flows I saw over some body of water just east of Russia, and then more mountains. I didn’t get any good pictures of Tokyo during the day because of the direction we arrived from. The last photo with sun in it I just took because I liked the light as we were coming into Tokyo, though I don’t think I really captured it quite well enough. the next pictures are from the flight from Tokyo to Seoul. Each seat had a headrest with a TV in it and a remote control for it that was in the armrest. I only got one half decent photo of Tokyo at night, but it really does show just how absolutely massive it is. A veritable sea of light.

I didn’t take any pictures in Seoul at all. I was just way too tired and didn’t want to deal with shitty night photos. Night photos without a tripod is bad enough, but taking them from an object moving 600 miles an hour just makes it even worse.

Some words about the trip. Chicago to Minneapolis was pretty uninteresting. Sat alone and just listened to music the entire time. The only thing that happened was being delayed an hour and forty-five minutes because the right engine was low on oil, and it took over an hour for the mechanic to show up. I got to Minneapolis with only like 20 minutes to spare, but luckily the gate was quite close so it was no problem. I was worried about my luggage making it, but it was no problem. I actually saw my luggage on the carousel before I even stepped of the escalator down to baggage claim.

On the flight to Minneapolis, I sat at the window, had an empty seat next to me, and an old fat dude on the aisle, which was a pain for when I needed to get out. The first movie they showed was The Invention of Lying which I don’t think I can talk about without gushing, because I feel like it’s honestly one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen, and not purely for the humor of the movie. Second was The Informant, but though I wanted to watch it, I ended up sleeping through it because I was so tired. Woke up as the credits rolled. The flight itself went northwest from Minnesota, through Canada, all the way into the Arctic Circle near Barrow’s Point, Alaska (furthest northern position of the United States) and then across the Bering Sea to Russia and then south through Japan to Tokyo. It’s actually shorter than drawing a straight line from Minnesota to Tokyo.

Anyway, the guy in front of me was a pretty friendly Canadian guy, that said Eh even more than a stereotypical SNL Canadian. He drove trucks for a living and was on his way to Manila in the Phillipines for his yearly 2-3 month vacation. I guess truck driving is pretty lucrative to allow for such a vacation, though he said he could easily live for $5-$10 a day in a lot of places. The third movie was All About Steve with Sandra Bullock. Aside from being fine as hell, she actually played an interesting character, and it didn’t have a cliche ending like I expected. Overall, quite a bit more entertaining and enjoyable than I expected. After that I read Mother Night by Vonnegut and listened to music for the last couple hours of the trip.

I landed in Tokyo with about two hours to kill, and I had to spend $5 just to get on the Internet while I was there, which was a bit annoying, but a necessary evil. The airport was a lot less bustling and exciting that I imagined it would be.

The flight from Tokyo to Seoul was fairly uneventful. The flight was packed with mostly Japanese people, including a group of girls that sat around me and gave me weird looks occasionally, but I don’t think they spoke any English as they never really attempted to speak to me at all. I used the fancy little headset to watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

this Dunkin Donuts is closing so I need to leave now. More later.


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