The Promised Pictures

Here was my first meal in Korea. I don’t know the name of the soup, but it was pork backbone in a broth with cabbage, sprouts, potato, etc… Clockwise the rest is kimchi, some raw hot pepper, and my favorite, ggakdugi. I really love eating with Koreans because they’re always so surprised that I know how to use chopsticks, like kimchi, and that I’m so willing to try everything.

My snowy street. All of it is gone now. In the second picture you can see that I live near the edge of the city where it starts to get wild and mountain-y.

It’s worth noting that while you can’t see much of the playground here because of the snow, it’s just one large open area covered in sand, rather than grass.

I got to school early Wednesday morning and took some pictures of the snow outside and then a couple more inside when no one was around. I’ll probably get some pictures of the kids and teachers next week.

This is the little open area where we gather the first graders every morning at 11:30 AM or so. Just imagine this area with sixty kids in it until I get another picture.

There’s just something about this that makes me think it’s some kind of racist, but I can’t be sure. The kids love fucking with this every morning. They pick up the people and put them on top of the houses, knock things over, etc…

Most of the stairs have these little mottos slapped on them. Most of them are fairly common sayings, but the saying “He who will steal a pin will steal an ox” seems like a uniquely Asian moral.

I mentioned earlier that the textual culture of Korea is astounding to me. These two pictures are of one of the more fantastically lit streets near my apartment. The first is with a flash so the signs are a bit clearer, but the second without a flash demonstrates pretty accurately how brightly the streets are lit just from the advertisements. You can see a little bit of sky, and it was taken about 9 PM, but on the street it’s nearly as bright as day.

Just another picture of a large bar in the same area as the last two pictures. It didn’t come out quite as well as I wanted.

Even though the area I was in was mainly a bar and nightlife kind of area, almost every corner had at least one or two game machines like these, or a crane machine. It appears to be marketed mainly towards children, but, oh, what’s that?

Oh, it’s just a portable combination breathalyzer and flashlight, for those nights when you’ve had just a little too much soju. This was not the only surprising discovery I made in the game machines. One crane game had a full 11×14 framed picture in it, which seemed only like a cruel joke. Another offered a single, live lobster in a small pool of water. It was outside of a seafood shop, so I’m unsure if one is actually intended to try and catch the lobster, or if it’s merely a converted aquarium.


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