Snug in Bed, While Visions of Korean Verb Conjugations Danced in His Head

Friday after work, Lawrence was in a drinking state of mind, and I’ve never been one to let someone drink alone, so we went to a Hof and had a couple bottles of soju with our meal. I don’t remember exactly the name of it, but it was pork and octopus. I really like octopus. Afterward, we stopped at a convenience store and I got some more soju and drank it straight out of the bottle. J came over to our place and more soju was bought and consumed. I thought I was okay and not too drunk, but then I went from standing on the street to waking up in bed. Oops. I guess it crept up on me.

Saturday morning I had my first bus adventure. I made plans to meet Michele for a Korean lesson. I accidentally got off a couple stops too early because everyone got off, so I thought the bus driver was kicking people off. I realized they were just ALL going to the train station, so I ended up waiting 20 minutes for another bus. Finally got the right place, met Michele and we had lunch, then stopped at a milkshake/smoothie place and she taught me Korean for like two hours. At first it was a little overwhelming, but when I got home I reviewed it and listened to some podcasts from, over the same stuff Michele had taught me and it got a lot more manageable. After Friday night and knowing I needed to be up early Sunday for the language group I didn’t go out Saturday night. I had a hard time getting to sleep because I kept thinking about how to conjugate verbs. Probably the single lamest reason to not be able to sleep.

Woke up late because I set my alarm for 8:30 PM. Oops. Still made it to the language group on time. There were only two Koreans there, but their English was better than I expected. I went with Lawrence, and J showed up a little late because he had to eat. The woman who is running the Sunday morning group’s name is Amy. She’s been in Korea for five years and she boxes professionally. She’s literally the only white female boxer in the entire country. It’s like knowing a real celebrity, haha. She’s married to a Korean boxer, too. Probably gave me the firmest handshake I’ve ever received from a lady. It was the first meeting, so it was just kind of a gathering to tell everyone what to expect from future meeting, but I already have homework. After this I’m probably going home and ironing my clothes and spending a couple hours practicing Korean. In the past 24 hours my Korean has already gone up by about a million percent. I can now speak in more than just standard phrases and can form simple sentences in present and past tense.

There’s another weekly meeting tomorrow night that J runs that’s a little less structured than Amy’s meetings, but I’ll probably be going with Lawrence. It looks like I might be going to three meetings for Korean a week: Saturday for a one-on-one with Michele, a structured meeting on Sunday morning, and a more informal open conversation and question time on Monday nights. Amy also hooked me up with some Korean textbooks that she said are really good, so I’ll look through those and then buy my own copies since she still needs hers. Anyway, I need to get started looking up words and practicing my writing so I’ll take off.


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  1. I also love octopus. 🙂

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