Some More Pictures from School and a Video

First off, I took a video at lunch of what’s served and to give you guys an idea of what lunch time is like at school. The quality is pretty bad, particularly when I move the camera a lot, but it’s what I got, so deal with it (YouTube tells me that the quality may improve once it’s done processing completely, which it probably will have once you all wake up and take a look). Also it’s really noisy and my camera doesn’t do fantastic with background noise, so I’m a little hard to hear. You can check out the video here: A couple of the students in line are some of mine. One is one of the Cub Scouts at the very end of the line. He kind of steps out of line and spreads his arms out – that’s Butch. Another is a girl midway through that has a gray and pink hoodie on – that’s Wendy. The last one is Jessica. You can kind of hear me say her name when she waves.

Anyway, on my way to work I found the most concrete evidence for the arrival of spring:

Yeah. Dandelions. I was actually really happy to see these awful little weeds. It reminded me of home.

These are the five various books I’m teaching my classes  right now.

They are titled: A Safe Place to Live, Hide and Seek, Why the Birds’ Bills are Different, The Loud Trumpeter, and The North Star and the Big Dipper.

Pics of the new phone:

I really like the display. I’m not crazy about the buttons though. Also, texting in English is a chore because the space button is on the top part of the phone instead of in the zero spot. Plus it doesn’t have T9, so you have to go through and select each letter. Still, phones here are crazy customizable. There’s probably at least fifty different backgrounds that come loaded on the phone, and you can add clocks, calendars, menus, animations, etc… and choose your own picture to set as your background. Coolest of all, I made my phone make the sound of a Zippo lighter when I open and close it. I fidget with that. Good thing they gave me two batteries, because I can see that wearing a battery down bad.

Left to right are Ariana, Tiara and Jessica. They’re all doing a very common Korean pose. If you take a picture of ten Koreans, nine will be making the V-sign. Here, however, the V stands for ‘Victory’ and not ‘Peace’. No one can give a concrete reason for why so many of them do it. It’s just something everyone does. Ariana and Tiara are both in their Girl Scout uniforms. Jessica’s hiding a little behind Tiara and actually holding my phone. Once I showed it to them all the kids want to check it out. They get a big surprise when everything is in English (another great feature of my phone). Ariana also dug through my bag and got my notebook which had all my Korean stuff in it, which made her super excited. They kept asking me to read words out of it.

This is Steve in a South Korean Cub Scout uniform. I immediately started laughing right after I took this. He made me take another better one, but I love this one. There’s something about the sideways hat, the cocky slouch and his facial expression that has a very gangster “I just don’t give a fuck” attitude about it. He’s actually in my C2 class, which is the best of the 3rd and 4th graders, so he’s pretty smart.

Steve take 2: Much better.

A shot of the mountains just a couple blocks away from my apartment that the sun had set behind I took from my rooftop.

A shot of the friendly neighborhood Spiderdog. I guess that makes me Peter Barker. Visit this website for accompanying rimshot:

I took that on the walk to the DnD, which is where I am now. I actually met the dog once on a nightly walk I took my first week here. It was really dark and he scared the shit out of me. I don’t know how a white dog hid in the dark, but he did. He’s super friendly. Now I know which building he lives in. It looks like it has a nice little rooftop garden up there, too.


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