The Best Week at Work Ever

I know I spent my last blog bitching about a couple of my students being extremely rude on Monday, but it’s actually been a pretty good week. The only other bad thing was I lost two hours of work I did on my textbook when a file refused to save for some reason, but other than that it’s been pretty smooth. Coming in at 9 AM is less than ideal, but I don’t mind working on the textbook. It makes me feel a little more productive and I get some time to myself.

It wasn’t just the two students who would be gone camping all week either. The entirety of the fifth and sixth grades in my school are all going camping. That means two of my classes are canceled all week, which gives me a free hour during the day, but I’ve been using it for textbook work. I should be able to finish it tomorrow. My last class is reduced to just two third graders and a fourth grader. I could play games with them, but they don’t particularly like any of the games I have to offer at the moment, so the past two days we’ve just watched Happy Tree Friends online. It’s an American cartoon series of all these cute woodland creatures being injured and maimed in the worst possible ways. The kids love it. I introduced them to Wile E. Coyote today, too.

Tuesday it rained all day, but I still went to a Cheonan City FC game. They defeated the Ulsan team in good fashion, 2-1. Ulsan scored their goal with 15 minutes left to make things interesting, but they couldn’t equalize. Cheonan moved to second place in the league. This is the second leg of the season, and the winner and runner-up from this leg will play the winner and runner-up of the first leg in the playoffs. Cheonan’s only been in the league two years, and the best they’ve finished is seventh in the league, so even making the playoffs would be huge. There’s only four games left in the season, and we should be heavily favored in all of those games. Three are against the three worst teams in the league, and one is just a middle of the pack team.

Not a ton else to talk about, really. The Internet is being incredibly fast today at DnD, so I’ll be able to catch up on my stories tonight when I leave. On the home Internet front, Mr. Lee said the Internet company won’t let him open anymore accounts because he has too many open right now. Chang-ki said he’d look into helping me get an Internet account. I haven’t posted pictures in awhile, but I’ll be going to Gakwonsa on Friday, then Gunsan sometime on the weekend, so pictures will abound next week.


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