No Woman, No Cry

Just making a short post to put up some pictures.

Now, I can’t be entirely sure, but it seems like games that are dead in America are still alive and well in Korea. Hula-hooping and jumping rope just to do it are still cool here, apparently. I can’t remember the last time I saw an American kid just jump rope or hula hoop. Then again, I haven’t been to an elementary school since I left mine, so I may just be out of touch.

Another paper recreation of a classic painting by 5th graders. Fantastic.

This is on a big board with random English words and phrases. These are easily the four best animals on them. It’s got everything. The snappy penguin, the smug polar bear, the constipated elephant, and the mildly retarded giraffe.

Driving to Jebu-do. Literally. The only way onto the island is by road. Wait a tick, doesn’t that make it a peninsula? Technically, the road is under the ocean tide is high, but when it’s low, you’re able to drive down this road to the island. The parting of the waters is apparently referred to Moses’ Miracle.

Left to right, starting in back: Angelina, Selina, Tony, David, Julia, Hunter, Ashley, Yun Seo, Yun Sung, Meung Su. Sofia is missing because her stomach was hurting so she went to the bathroom. The entire day, I don’t think I got a single picture of everyone together where you can see them all clearly.

Hunter. =3

My day was rather routine. I was afraid it was going to be much worse. Right after lunch, Diane asked me what I had planned for Open Class Day (where parents sit in on the classes while we teach). Somehow, it had slipped both Korean teachers’ and Mr. Lee’s mind to mention any of this open class business to me. And with an hour left, I really had no time to prepare anything in particular for nine different classes, so I just came up with a rough idea of how I would go through, and just winged it. It actually went pretty well.

My first class was the best they’ve ever been. They were obviously on their best behavior for their parents (though really it was only moms, I only had one father all day). Even quieter kids that I thought were struggling with the material were eager to answer and were getting answers right. All day, I just had kids read and demonstrate their comprehension by asking them what the vocabulary words were. I think it went really well.

I’m waiting for Hot Tub Time Machine to finish downloading. I don’t care what anyone says, it looks hilarious. Debating whether or not to download Pay it Forward to re-watch it. All I have to do tonight is go to E-mart and buy a red t-shirt for the game tomorrow. I asked some of my students, and it seems like a fair number of them will be at the stadium as well, so I may see them there.

Julia is in the DnD, and we’ve been talking awhile. I hadn’t really talked to her in awhile. For awhile, I saw her every day and would wave, and she’d just give me a flat look and a polite wave. Then I stopped seeing her regularly for awhile, and then when she did see me she’d be super excited. Kids are weird. Sometimes I wave to my students and they just shake their heads at me like “Wave? Don’t make me laugh.” Not that I think the kids don’t like me or anything. They’re just apparently not in a waving mood. Then again, I have a lot of students that will see me, wave, run away, see me again two minutes later, and wave and jump around like they haven’t seen me in years.

The only other real thing worth mentioning is that Mr. Lee said the principal at Haesong really liked me. She said that another teacher and I were the best teachers that day because of our enthusiasm. The principal probably didn’t see me all day, but I think going out to dinner nudged her in the correct direction. I sat next to her and demonstrated all my Korean table manners, accepted any and all food or liquor she gave me, etc… Hopefully Haesong will have another camp. I’d love to go back again.


One Response to “No Woman, No Cry”

  1. Typical Korean behaviour; to forget to tell the foreigner. We don’t fit into their Buddhist hierarchy so we are forgotten about unless they need soem one to blame.

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