Quick Picture Post

Once you’ve mastered the easy English board, you can now tackle the fun English board. Let’s take a closer look.

Now, half of these are fairly common proverbs I know and understand. The other half leave me scratching my head. A worm will turn? Homer sometimes nods?

Various knick knacks, gew gaws, and whathaveyous brought to you buy the fifth grade.

Lunch time at Haesong Seashore Camp!

Starting left front and working back then forward: Selina, Ashley, Seung Mu, Tony, David, Hunter, Yun Sun, Angelina, Yun Seo, Julia, Sofia.

The buffet style lunch was quite scrumtrilescent.

All those cops and no crime. They must be so bored.

Just before the game (seats are still being filled) someone lit a flare. I think flares at soccer games are just the coolest shit ever.

A large South Korea flag help up by fans during the national anthem. I thought the stadium would be quiet for the anthem, but it was loud as goddamn hell.

Anyway, last night I just met with James for drinks and pool. Watched 10-man Germany lose a howler to Serbia after Klose’s shameful two yellows within minutes of each other. The US game didn’t start much better, but the second half was much better to the team, who equalized it in the 82nd minute, and should’ve had the glory goal three minutes later, if not for an extremely bad call which saw a goal disallowed. Still, following England’s toothless 0-0 draw with Algeria, all the US needs to do is win and we’re in the round of 16. South Korea is looking to advance with an Argentinian win (a near certainty) and at the very least a draw with Nigeria (more than manageable).

Now, I’m off to Incheon and Womido!


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