World Cup Madness

These are the last pictures from Buldang:

All of the pebbled glass windows in the school are covered with plastic with drawings. Most of the kids are better artists than I will ever be.

More arts and crafts. My favorite is easily Bart Simpson. Lots of kids have Simpsons school supplies or phones, but none of them have actually seen the show. Perplexing.


This team insisted on practicing the game before we started.

Get through that hoop, girl!

This large stack of books was for each kid, plus extras for kids that won a lottery drawing. Four of my students got extra books.

Front to back: Tony, Seung Mu, Ashley, Selina, Yun Sung, Julia, Sofia, Yun Seo, Angelina, David, Hunter (extreme background towards the left in blue hat). This is pretty much the last of the pictures from Haesong worth posting.

Korea v Argentina:

A motorcycle motorcade before the game. Not police, but just badass Korean dudes on Harleys.

Who likes short-shorts? Collander Man likes short-shorts!


This was on the boardwalk by the ocean. The older guy in the polo was dancing as the music played (no one else was dancing). When he saw me, he got super excited and waved the victory sign at me. I smiled and waved one back, then he blew me a kiss. I got a kick out of that.

Wolmi My Land. I don’t really know. I guess it’s got food and games and sich. The entire area was like a Korean Coney Island.

The ferris wheel and the largest Viking ride. There were easily like four or five different Viking rides there. I guess they’re big in Korea.

This kid digs fountains.

Well, last night I couldn’t justify staying up late enough to watch the South Korea v Nigeria game. After going down 0-1, South Korea managed to go up 2-1 early in the second half, only to see Nigeria equalize on a penalty. Fortunately, South Korea held on for the draw, and with the help of an Argentinian win over Greece, South Korea marches on into the round of 16. If you’ve seen my Facebook statuses lately, you may’ve seen some Korean in it. 대한민국 (daehanminguk) is the official name for South Korea in Korean. It’s an extremely popular chant around sporting events. Kids even chant it during games in class. Think the “U-S-A” chant, but less drunk and redneck.

Tonight, America plays Algeria. We’re fairly favored in the match, but we also have a habit of playing below our level and falling behind early. As long as we win, the other game doesn’t matter, so for the most part we’re in control of our own destiny. It’s possible to tie and progress in some situations, but it would require a lot of help from the other game, so I think it would be best to just win and get it done ourselves. I’ll be heading to the Banana Bar to play some pool around 9 PM, then stay for the game.

I had Saturday plans, but they fell through, which sucks. Now I have nothing to do Saturday. I had kind of a full weekend of stuff planned. Oh well. Sunday, I’ll be heading to Gongju, the capital of Ancient Korea, to visit a fortress there and learn history and junk. The weekend isn’t a total loss, but now I need to find something to do Saturday.

Next Sunday, being the Fourth of July, and arguably one of my favorite holidays, the language group is going to the nearest beach in Daecheon, about an hour away. We’ll grill hamburgers and hotdogs and light off firecrackers, etc… A cheap transvestite imitation of Fourth of July in America, but I’m sure it’ll still be awesome.


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