Glorious, Glorious Konglish

This is going to be a short post. My day at work wasn’t really anything worth mentioning. It was the last day of the unit, so I just finished any bookwork that was left and either played games or watched cartoons. Tom and Jerry is a fan favorite here. All of the kids know Tom and Jerry, but not classics like Wile E. Coyote, Bugs Bunny, etc… Tom and Jerry was a favorite of mine as a kid, too. It’s as much for them as it is for me.

It was also Pay Day for the kids. That’s just the name I’ve given to the day when I award the 5,000 won to the kid in each class with the most points. Since I started with the money last month, I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of effort kids are putting in. Just like with adults, money is probably the best motivator.

Actually, I got a little upset at work today. I had meant to finish up some work with the class, but the pages were already done because Diane had assigned them for homework. I asked her why, and she said she ran out of things to do, so she just gave them my pages for homework. I told her that I’d meant to do it in class, and she realized why I was a little mad and apologized. I don’t really care about the amount of work you set aside for me to. If you need more book work to fill your classes, fine. Just don’t tell me I’m responsible for doing something and then do it yourself. It fucks up my schedule and lesson planning.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to introduce some new Konglish. I mentioned an Excel sheet awhile back, which was full of topics that we’re supposed to make short stories for, and how they’re all hysterical Konglish. I finally found the file on the computer and e-mailed it to myself. I’ll probably post like five of them in every blog. There’s a lot, so it’ll last me awhile. However, for the first installment, I’ll double down and give you ten.

I swear, I have not invented or changed these in any way. I’m presenting them exactly as they’re written in the document we’re working with. Without further ado:

Level 1:

Field: Subject-1 (Material-1)

Society: Do clone or not? (Ethics)
Society: Do you know the English World in Korea? (Current Issue)
Society: Social problem – I don’t like to hang out with a loser friend). (Teenager Issue)
Society: I know fast food but do not slow food. What’s the slow food? (Current Issue)
Society: Internet surfing, is that really good? Internet surfing could harm you. (Current Issue)

History: Sam-guk-jee is not Korea’s. It’s China’s. (Common Sense)
History: Follow me~~!! (World History)
History: The history of under the sea. (Nature)
History: Pan-so-ri, I’d like to learn it. (Korea Music History)
History: The relationship of Dutch & France. (World History)

All capitalization, spelling, punctuation, etc… are directly from the document. Using the ~ symbol in text is basically their smiley face emoticon. They also use ^^ a lot for a happy face. I can’t find out anything definitive about samgukji, other than it seems to be associated with a couple movies and a new video game. It means three something, but I don’t know the rest.  Pansori is traditional Korean music, usually performed by one female singer, and one male drummer. Pan means “a place where many people gather” and sori means “sound”.

I’m really ready for the rainy season. It’s been overcast and threatening to rain for a week or so, but it just hasn’t let loose yet. I just bought an umbrella for 15,000 won, so I damn well better have a reason to use it. Anyway, I think I’ll cut this off here, download something to watch at home, then go watch TV/a movie, read, smoke hookah, etc…


One Response to “Glorious, Glorious Konglish”

  1. 15,000 won for an umbrella? It must be the greatest Korean umbrella ever. You can get a sturdy one for like 10,000 if you bargain or a crap one for 3,000 on a rainy day.

    It was thundering and lighting in Gwangju rather rapidly yesterday…

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