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Well, I’ve been informed that the student I had a row with on Firday has officially quit the program. I consider this a win-win situation. She’s probably quite happy to be out from under my tyrannical rule (also probably figuring I’ve been gotten into some horrible trouble, though honestly I’ve received no real flac for it), and I’m just as happy to pass her along to the next poor hagwon teacher. It sounds kind of awful to say that I’m glad one of my students has quit, but she’s a large exception to the rule. I’ve had a couple handful of students that have either quit for whatever reason (rarely do they say why, if they even tell me themselves [I often find out from prolonged absence or other students]), or transferred to the advanced classes, and most of them are either quite good students who shouldn’t be quitting, or at least students I like and don’t mind teaching, even if they are struggling a bit. If nothing else, it’s removed a sizable amount of stress and future drama from my classroom.

I’m writing this from work, because yesterday right after dinner, just as I had sat down with my computer in DnD, Mr. Lee called me. He said he wanted to give me some meat, so I was like “Sure, whatever. I’ll tag along.” It soon became apparent that his intention wasn’t to give me meat, but to have me over to his house for dinner. I was a little aggravated, mostly because I wanted to download some TV to watch at home and write a blog, but it didn’t last very long.

At his house I messed around with his youngest daughter for awhile. Helped her with some English homework and tried to get her to explain a Korean game I see tons of kids playing before class. Perhaps a second grader isn’t the best person to ask these things. I ate as much as I could, but since I’d already eaten dinner, I was really full. After dinner, I talked with his second son, who’s in high school. Through him, I found out that the heavenly pairing of Brangelina has been woefully split back into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (they got a divorce), and then he started posing riddles to me.

Over the course of maybe half an hour, he would just pose situations to me, and I’d at least attempt to solve them before he showed me the answer. I generally don’t like riddles. They usually involve some quite simple answer once you’ve had it explained, but before then it’s a very convoluted thought process. Kind of the same reason I don’t like magic. I can’t figure out how it’s done most of the time, but I know it’s just some simple trick, which aggravates the hell out of me.

The third riddle was the toughest, and he’d actually forgotten the solution, so he was no help. He said it took him almost two hours to figure out for the first time. Here’s the basic explanation. There are eight people on a river bank that need to cross. A father, two sons, a mother, two daughters, a police man and a criminal. The boat can only hold two people. Only the father, mother, and policeman can drive. If the criminal isn’t with the police man, he will kill anyone else, but he won’t run away. If the daughters are left without the mother, the father will eat them. If the sons are left without the father, the mother will eat them. Once the boat has crossed, it must of course cross back to the original side to pick up the next two people, so someone has to drive it back. How do all eight of them cross the river?

What’s the answer? I know. It’s not actually that hard, but it invovles lots of steps that are hard to keep track of. Mr. Lee’s son, Da Won, had a great way of simplifying it. He took some scissors and cut up some paper into squares and labeled them for each person, so it became much more visual. If you just try to do it in your head, you’re going to easily lose track of who is where and with who. Try it yourself.

Anyway, after that, Mr. Lee drove me home around 11 PM. Went home and read a chapter from The Audacity of Hope. I’m really enjoyin it so far. I had a pretty good respect for Obama before I started it, but it’s grown even more. He’s a pretty talented writer, though it should be obvious from his speaking ability. I generally don’t have much interest in non-fiction, but I think it’s a good book for anyone to read, liberal or conservative. Most admirably, he doesn’t villify the people he disagrees with. He says they may be wrong or short-sighted, but they’re still basically good people once you get to know them, and they actually beleive what they’re doing  is best for the country. It’s an admirable notion, but I’m also a bit reluctant to believe it. It’s hard to say someone as smart and powerful as the President of the United States is naive, but when the shoe fits…

Lately I’ve been getting horrible sleep. I go to sleep at the normal time, but it takes forever to fall asleep, and I toss and turn a lot. Just can’t get comfortable. Last night was especially bad. I woke up a ton, and my sleep was riddled with dreams. I remember at least three or four separate dreams. Two of which were two completely separate dreams about a Furby that was trying to kill me. I shit you not.

Daily Konglish:

Level 1:

Art: What music do you enjoy these days? (Music)
Art: Ice ballet is cooling the hot weather. (Sports Art)
Art: Jung Woo-sung also has had a hard time once. (Entertainment)
Art: I like pop song~~ (Music)
Art: How “the lord of the rings” was made. (Literature)

Economy: Raising dogs costs so much money! (Common Sense)
Economy: What’s M&A? (Common Sense)
Economy: How can save the cell phone fee? (Education)
Economy: Water is better than beverage! (Life Wisdom)
Economy: Walking instead of taking the bus in a short way. (Education)

Jung Woo Sung is a pretty popular actor, though Wikipedia doesn’t have any dirt on him which may allude to a “hard time” except the fact that he dropped out of high school to pursue his acting career.


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