Weekend So Close…

Well, Thursday is down the drain, I’m a mere 24 hours away from my glorious, glorious weekend. I’m wasting a little time in DnD before I go to the Banana Bar to practice before the pool night. I should be meeting Joel, as well as Yuna and Simpson (he loves Bart Simpson), two of the Koreans I met at the Banana Bar last weekend. I’m actually pretty pumped for pool night. The first time or two I went, I felt a little weird being around so many foreigners, particularly in Cheonan, but it’s a great environment.

Today at work was pretty routine. I made June in my second class cry. Someone drew a hand giving the middle finger (it looked pretty much like a T block from Tetris), and I was joking around with June asking him if he’d drawn it. He was cool with that, but then he told me “This is ‘Puck You!'” He said it with a kind of proud tone, like he was really telling me some useful information I may not have previously been privy to. I’m not quite sure if he was intentionally mispronouncing it or just regular mispronouncing it, but I still couldn’t let it fly. I made him stand with his hands up for like three minutes before class, and when I let him sit he was crying. I felt bad, since he’s one of my favorites, but some things I can’t let kids get away with.

He got over it quickly. The rest of the day was smooth as hell. All the book work we did was a word search. I made it into a race. First kid done, three points, second two points, etc… It makes for a really great way to kill at least like 20 minutes and have a dead quiet classroom. The rest of class, I just played the Millionaire game. The kids in general seem pretty into it. There’s always one or two kids that just don’t want to do anything in class, but even most of them get engaged after a couple minutes.

Yesterday was pretty much the same. Again, the day was all smooth, except my last class. Before class, the kids were messing around, but nothing unusual. Then I noticed Jennifer seemed quieter and more isolated than usual. She’s usually very outgoing and loud, but she was sitting by herself and looked really sad. I tried asking her what was wrong, but she wouldn’t talk. Alice tried telling me what was wrong, but I still couldn’t work anything out. While we played the Millionaire game, Alice just kept comforting Jennifer who was at points straight up balling in the back of class. Eventually, Jennifer calmed down and participated in the game a little towards the end.

That’s just the thing that you run into in Korea once in awhile. There are going to be days that a kid will be just super upset about something , and they won’t be able to say why. Not even do they not want to tell you, they simply don’t have the language to say what’s wrong. I really wanted to help, but I realized I couldn’t, so I let Alice do whatever she did to help calm Jennifer down.

I’m simply more excited for the Boryeong Mud Festival than you could imagine. It’s going to be a great time. I leave 8 AM Saturday morning, and the return train leaves Boryeong at 4 PM Sunday afternoon. The only thing I have to make sure to do is protect my camera.

The only new thing going on, is that I’ve officially become a “power blogger” for LifeinKorea.kr. I don’t really get paid, and I won’t be posting any content there that wouldn’t be posted here, but it’s still pretty cool. A couple days ago, my views spiked up to 300, though they’ve recently sunk back down to much more normal levels, I imagine it has something to do with it. I will be able to receive gift cards though, which can be used at various offline stores, including the book store in Yawoori. I’d gladly work for books, especially with the price of English books here, considering I’ll be buying them regardless, so it’s money saved on my part.

Daily Konglish:

Level 1:

Culture: Dressing express me (Teenager Culture)
Culture: What’s Hip-hop? (Teenager Culture)
Culture: I wish Dong-bang-sin-gi could be my best boyfriend  (Teenager Culture)
Culture: I like soap drama so much but my mom doesn’t want me to watch TV. What should I do? (Teenager Counseling)
Culture: I wanna be popular in my school. (Teenager Counseling)

Dongbangsin-gi is a Korean boy band here. I guess, whoever it is wants to date an entire five member group. Korea is more liberal than you’d think, in some ways.


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  1. Jason Levine Says:

    Good to see things are looking up for you! I was reading your blog, how many hits do you get per day? Congrats on your 300! That’s an insane number.

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