Boryeong Mud Festival

Well, I’ve already uploaded my pictures to Facebook. Chances are if you’re reading this, then we’re probably Facebook friends anyway. If not, I’ll still be posting some pics and elaborating on them, but certainly not all 72 pics.

A pic of Wonjae on the train ride to Boryeong. It was absolutely pouring when we left, and it continued right up until we got to the festival. Fortunately, right after we got there, it stopped completely. Saturday was still pretty overcast, but it was still packed. I guess when you’re just going to get muddy you don’t mind too much about the weather.

This was our hotel room. It was actually underground, but had a balcony that looked right out onto the ocean. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a large open living room/kitchen.

The only other room underground at the hotel was a noraebang, which we ended up using later Saturday night.

Our hotel, the White Beach.

Walking up to the Mud Festival.

The best (only) mud sculpture I’ve ever seen. We went back an hour later and it was completely destroyed following a mud fight I had no small part in initiating.

Left to right, Taelan, Lin, myself, Andrew, and Joel.

Lead singer of a band that was playing “Twist and Shout”. They let people up onto the stage and they were going nuts. Love that song.

A random electronic piano next to our lunch table. After these guys were done, some two year old foreign girl got on there and started banging away. At first it was adorable as hell, but after a couple minutes it got old. She was really cute, but even her mom got sick out of it and eventually pulled the plug on the piano.

Grilling up some dinner.

The prettiest of the dozen ocean pictures I took. I’ll spare you the rest.

On Sunday the weather was much better, so the beach was absolutely packed.

Sunday I have almost no pictures. At first, I thought I’d just chill on the beach and not get dirty, but that didn’t last long. I packed all my stuff in a locker, including my camera, and spent all day in the ocean or on the beach playing in the sand. Then, once I got my camera at the end of the day, it promptly died, so not many pictures at all from Sunday.

Saturday we only stayed on the beach until around 6 PM. We went back to the hotel and made dinner, drank a bit, the hit up the noraebang. I don’t really sing in public, so it got old after awhile, and I just went and chilled on the balcony and drank while I stared at the ocean. Sounds kind of lame, but I sat there and contemplated. There were fireworks I could barely see from the beach. I love fireworks, but fireworks from far away depress me. It’s like standing outside a window and watching the birthday party you weren’t invited to or something. Ended up passing out on the porch swing, only to be awakened an unknown period of time later to come sleep inside.

Woke up around 9 AM, had a breakfast of Ramen we ate from small disposable paper cups, then checked out of the motel around noon. Our return tickets weren’t until 6 PM, so we went back to the beach and spent all day on the beach. We buried each other in the sand and spent a lot of time in the ocean. We rented an inner tube, which was so much fun. We took turns riding in it and getting flipped off or riding a wave all the way up to shore.

I definitely paid the price though. I’m real sunburned. And you can even see a zigzag burn on my arm from where my keyband for my locker was. Looks retarded as hell. All the kids are calling me tomato or apple teacher. Apparently, South Koreans just don’t burn. They have no idea what it is. Even when I put “sunburn” into Google Translate a lot of them seemed baffled.

I found out something good and something bad today. I don’t have to participate in any summer camp, like I thought. I think this means that I don’t have to work Saturday, so I can leave a day earlier than I believed. Bad news is, I now I have to start coming into work at 8:30 AM. They’re radically restructured the class schedules. I’ll be teaching a remedial phonics class from 9 AM to 10 AM with Diane, so we’ll both be in the class room. From 10 AM – 11 AM I get an hour long “break”, in which I’ll probably have to continue working on the normal work I do in the morning. From 11 AM until noon, I’ll teach one of the advanced Treasures classes, which will include students from Brown class. Brown has been eliminated entirely, and all of the students have been placed into the advanced class.

At noon, I get my hour long lunch break, then I teach from 1-5 PM like normal. It means now I get out at 5 PM everyday, rather than 5 PM two days a week and 6:10 PM three days a week, which is a decent trade off. It just sucks I have to get up half an hour earlier, and my mornings are going to seem to be a lot less productive, at least outside of class work wise, because I won’t have four hours to work, but just two. Still, I think overall it’ll be good. Particularly, the remedial phonics class and putting my best students into the advanced class.

Even in my nightmare class, it’s obvious that pretty much all the girls are grasping the material at a normal rate and comprehending, while at least half of the boys are simply stagnating, because they don’t have the basic knowledge of the alphabet, so expecting them to be able to read full sentences is ridiculous. Also, getting to teach a Treasures class is awesome. I really liked subbing for Amy those two weeks. Even if they just give me all the same students, and put all of the original Treasures students into one class, I still think it’ll be a huge improvement. Hopefully given a more challenging curriculum the kids will settle down.


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  1. The pictures looked great. Too bad I couldn’t go this year.

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