Dance, Dance, Dance ’til We Run this Town

The super upbeat title brought to you by sonnyeong sidae, otherwise known as Girls’ Generation. Only in Korea would it seem anywhere close enough to plausible to take control of executive power simply by dancing. Almost as bad as England’s basis for executive power based on watery bints lobbing scimitars.

Today was pretty hectic.  Rolled into work just after 8:30 AM, and they were like “Okay, here’s the book for the phonics class. GO.” Sometimes the last minute shit is really aggravating. Especially when they’ll simultaneously give you shit for not lesson planning. Kind of hard to lesson plan when you’re springing last minute shit on my constantly.

The Phonics class wasn’t too bad, even though I feel at least two of the students don’t need to be there, and there are handful of students that I know should be there. Still, enough of the kids dropped down into the phonics classes to put the remainders of the previous four first grade classes into two large classes. I’m not thrilled about that. Trying to control 23 first graders is pretty goddamn hard.

After that was my hour long break, which was pretty much just me sitting down and trying to relax after phonics. At 11 AM my “Treasures” class started, which was pretty much Brown class minus some kids that were in an advanced grammar class earlier in the morning. None of the kids from the Treasures class showed up, and none of the Brownies had the book yet, so we just worked on the book we’ve been working on. I was really looking forward to a new book, too.

Ordered delivery Chinese, which came pretty much as my first class was starting, so I had to bolt it down super fast. Then it took like 20 minutes sorting out which kids should be where. Since some of the kids didn’t have the necessary books, Diane just said to play games, so I did. Red and Blue have also been combined into one class. Also not sure how I feel about that. Both classes alone are manageable enough, but putting them together creates a lot of constructive interference, if you follow my physics.

Green and Yellow remain separate, because they’re both big classes, but they’re both pretty chill, too. Yellow has a lot of my favorite students. Mostly sweet girls.  We did a little book work, a fill in the blank exercise, and then for the last ten minutes of class we watched funny cat videos on YouTube.

Orange and Navy are combined into one class, and David and Diane alternate teaching days for that class. Kind of sucks, since Orange was probably my favorite class by far, and now I’ll only see the kids around school and not in class anymore. Both David and Ariana are in that class. Sad face.

After work, I tried to get my bike fixed because the left pedal fell off, but the guy wasn’t there. Guess I’ll go back tomorrow. In the mean time, I need to ride the bus to Yawoori to meet a friend and borrow a backpack from him for my trip around Korea. I should probably be leaving soon. After dinner, I came to the DnD, and Julia was here. We sat and talked for maybe half an hour or a little more. She’s a really funny kid. I pissed her off a little, though. I asked when she was born, and she said 2000. I was like “Oh my god, you’re so young! You’re only ten!” This really offended her. She kept insisting she was eleven, and I kept arguing she was ten, so she got a little pissed off. I explained how age works differently for us, and she got over it pretty quick. She also got a little pretend mad when I said she looked like her brother in high school, and she insisted he was evil and she was good. Mostly though, we just talked about summer vacation stuff.

I realized I haven’t posted Konglish in a couple posts, so triple dose today:

Level 2:

Society: Three cups of water will make you strong. (Health)
Society: I helped them to be killed without pain!!! (Current Issue)
Society: Stress. Good-Bye! (Health)
Society: I can’t live without eating meat. (Health)
Society: Physical handicap, it doesn’t matter to me. (People)
Society: You wanna cry out? Then, you have to cry your fill. (Health)
Society: Memorizing. I don’t have any problem with that. (People)
Society: Do you like World cup? (Current Issue)
Society: Brand, Brand, is that really important? (Current Issue)
Society: The importance of Marriage (Current Issue)

History: Chinese are so superstitious (World History)
History: When did foreign workers come to Korea? (Society)
History: Missionaries who came to and died in Korea (History of Christianity)
History: The origin of coffee (Common Sense)
History: Air conditioner, where is it from? (Common Sense)

Last of all, this video appeared on my Facebook feed from another foreign teacher friend here. I love it. You probably won’t appreciate it as much, but everything in the video is 100% true.


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