Lack of Updates

So, I haven’t written in a week. I just haven’t had the time. I have tons of work to do. Since I get out of work early, Mr. Lee expects me to spend time outside of work finishing several projects. The only time I spend on my computer this week has been to make textbooks. After like two hours of making textbooks, my interest in writing a blog post is about zero. While not really hard, the tedious repetition involved with creating a new textbook is so mind-dulling that I wouldn’t be able to handle a blog post.

Also, besides work, I’ve also been pretty busy socially. My group of acquaintances is constantly expanding. I meet new people constantly. Part of it is due to a new batch of teachers who have just arrived to start teaching in September (school starts September 1st). There’s a pretty good number of teachers that come to my language meeting, and some of them have been here less than a month.

Also, I think I go to the Banana Bar way too much. As in, the owner has started giving me free drinks for no reason. Also, I’m pretty sure they don’t keep a very strict count on my tab. Last night I was at the bar from 9:45 PM or so until like 4 AM and I only spent 30,000 won, which at the prices there is just six beers. I wasn’t really counting either, but I feel quite certain I had more than six, plus a shot which are all at least 6,000 won, so it would’ve been quite impossible to end up with an even number.

Thursday night, I went to pool night as usual, then the Banana Bar afterward. Friday, there was a housewarming party for Joel, which ended up moving to the Banana Bar. Last night, I went to the Banana Bar by myself. I didn’t play much pool. I wasn’t drunk by any means, but for whatever reason, I just wasn’t playing well. Possibly just buzzed enough to lack the fine motor skills and depth perception that’s ever so necessary for pool. I mostly just hung out and talked with random people.

Towards the end of the night I started talking with these guys I’d met briefly before at pool night. We talked about a variety of things, but it eventually turned to future plans. One thing you have to know about living in Korea and meeting people is that the first conversation you have with someone is the same every time. “Where are you from? Where do you teach? How long have you been in Korea? How do you like it?” etc… For foreigners, at least. With Koreans, it’s more like “What’s your name? Are you a teacher? How old are  you?” (I’ve touched briefly on this before, but age is a crucial factor in pretty much all social interaction in Korea, so Koreans will ask you how old you are as soon as they meet you so they know how to act towards you. I usually never ask Koreans how old they are, just because it’s not an American habit, but last night I asked a girl how old she was and she asked “Why?” which surprised me. Even in a culture where age is so important some girls are still evasive.)

Anyway, we were talking about our plans for in Korea. His contract ends in two weeks and he’s already signed up to start teaching for another year at a new school. I’ve made no secret that I fully intend on staying in Korea. I won’t say for how long, because I really don’t know. The truth of the matter is that there’s really nothing for me to go back to. The one exception, is of course, friends, but unfortunately friends don’t pay bills. Still, it’s not just the people themselves that I miss from Columbus, but the relationships we had.

Here, I’m always meeting people, I have lots of acquaintances, lots of numbers to call if I want to hang out with somebody, etc…  However, I don’t have anything close to what I’d call a best friend. I don’t mean it to sound like I’m super depressed about it and constantly lamenting over it. It’s just a stark contrast to my last two years in the States. I had a super tight group of friends, with whom I’d hang out for a couple hours almost every day. Here, unless there’s some kind of event that everyone is attending, I don’t really hang out with people. For example, last night, nothing special was going on, so I just went to the bar by myself. I didn’t call anyone to see if they wanted to go, or see a movie, etc…

It’s not that I don’t like the people here. They’re almost all pretty great people. I just don’t have that kind of relationship with them. Sometimes I think I’m just weird. I kind of have three or four basic groups of friends. I know for a fact that the people in each group will hang out with each other a lot, without any special reason for getting together. However, I just kind of bounce between groups and don’t have any super meaningful ties yet.

The more write, the worse and worse it sounds. It’s not bad though. If nothing else, not having a solid set group of friends makes it a lot easier to meet new people. Last night at the bar I talked with quite a few new people, even got to try out my Korean a bit, and had a good night, for sure.

Anyway, the bad news for next week is that my boss found out I’ve been coming in at 10:30 AM and told me that I have to be there at 8 AM, regardless of the fact that my first class isn’t until 11 AM. If nothing else, it’ll give me time to work on textbooks inside work time, and I’ll feel less obligated to do it outside of work, so I may be able to write more frequently again, since I know how much you enjoy reading these.


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  1. Definitely enjoy your posts. Keep them coming.

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