Thank God it’s Tuesday

Well, I had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday I went to a new bar in Cheonan. Rather, it’s existed for awhile, but it’s the first time I went. It was called Dolce, and it was decent. They were having food and unlimited beer for 20,000 won, so I made them regret it. The only two things that suck about it is that it’s a little far from Yawoori and out of the way, and the pool table their blows. Short, small, and has got about as much friction on it as a 60 year old whore. Balls run forever on it.

Anyway, Saturday, I studied a little, read a little, but I was super anxious about going to Seoul. Everyone was working on different schedules, so I just got fed up and headed to Seoul on my own. Met a friend who lives in Seoul in Hongdae and had a couple beers while I waited for people to show up. Fortunately, it only took maybe 20 minutes in between the first person to leave and the next people to show up.

We hung out for awhile in the central park area. There was a drum circle which was pretty cool, and a terrible band, but we had to wait for people to show up so we could start bar hopping. Actually, we only went to two bars. The first was cool as hell. Called Exit Bar. It was an old garage that someone turned into a bar. Actually, it looked like the set from the first Saw movie. The second bar was Club Drug, which had a dance party, but it was so packed we all pretty much just bought beer from the corner store and sat outside drinking and talking.

Now, I’m going to skip over some details and just say somehow I got separated from my friends. I suddenly realized I didn’t know anyone in the immediate area. I started walking around, but my phone was dying, so I didn’t have much opportunity to call people.  Just as I was about to get in a cab and head to a jjimjilbang, I ran into a friend. A rare stroke of luck for me.  I generally have the worst luck imaginable.

We went back to the Exit Bar, but after that kind of scare, I wasn’t really in the mood to drink anymore. At that point, I spent most of my time disliking the crowd there. They were all hipsters. Seemed so elitist and “Oh, yeah, I’m so in Korea.” That’s what I don’t like about Hongdae. Way too many goddamn foreigners. I joked with some Korean foreigners “Don’t tell them, but I don’t really like foreigners,” but it’s kind of true. I just think the bigger the city and the more kind of party/bar area, the more likely it is that the foreigners there are going to be douchebags.

Anyway, somewhere between 5-6 AM, I don’t really know except that the sun was rising, we went to a really nice jjimjilbang for some shut eye. Got up around 11 AM and headed back to Cheonan. Actually got home around 4 PM, but only because I had a lot of waiting in between trains. Went to my study groups as usual. Still pretty happy with how my Korean is progressing.

In my first group, I don’t do any strict studying, but eventually talk turns more to Korean, and I ask some questions. Mostly about single words. I taught them the slang phrases “cougar, black widow, and gold digger”. We were just talking about dating/women so they were relevant. They taught me some funny words, but more on that later.

Monday, I had to stay an hour late. Jane from Oseong was gone again, but they started the school year there, so gladly there weren’t any summer classes in the morning that would’ve forced me to cover Phonics again. Rumor is that she’s quitting. This is actually for medical reasons. She’s pregnant and has been feeling weak lately. Still, that’s six teachers in five and a half months. Gorsh.

I’m just glad it’s Tuesday right now. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my short days. Done at 2 PM. Sweet.  Also, tonight I’m going to my first hapkido lesson. Hapkido is a native martial art here, though not nearly as common as taekwondo. I got a message about it on my blog, and I’m looking for something to occupy the little bit of free time I have on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays before I go out. I’m pretty stoked about it.

Also, right now I’m looking forward to September. It’s going to be a good month. Just a quick breakdown.

Sep. 7th – going away party for a friend
Sep. 9th – 6 month anniversary in Korea
Sep. 11th – Wedding, going to Hongdae in Seoul to watch a friend DJ at a bar
Sep. 13th – My Birthday
Sept. 16th – a friend’s birthday
Sep. 21-23rd – Chuseok – Korean Thanksgiving – middle of the week, but they generally give the Monday before or Friday after off resulting in a 6 day weekend

There’s probably more but it’s slipping my mind right now.

Anyway, I’m bringing this to a close, but I do want to start something new. Korean Word of the Day. Now, I don’t at all intend to post every day, but more than once  week, so that’s just what I’ll call it. No, I haven’t forgotten about the Konglish, but I just got a little bored with it. I’ll get back with it later. Still, I’m just going to mix it up with some Korean vocabulary.

Korean Word of the Day:
꽃뱀 – ggot-baem – Literally, this word means “flower snake”. Can you guess what it means? Ggotbaem is an old slang word that translates to “gold digger” in English. Love it.


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