The Last Day of Summer (Vacation)

So, tomorrow, September 1st, officially starts the second half of the school year here in Korea. Opposite of the fall start of schools in America, the school year here actually begins in March. I honestly have no idea what it’s going to be like tomorrow, other than pure chaos. I’ve received no schedule, which means of course that the students haven’t either. I think most of the day will be just ushering kids around and telling them where to go. Also, Diane ordered new books, but Mr. Lee isn’t sure when he’ll be able to get them, so we may be working without books for awhile. Joy. And the kicker is that two teachers are leaving again. That makes teachers six and seven. Jane at Oseong hasn’t quit just yet, as far as I know.

At first, all the teachers quitting was somewhat concerning. Then it became humorous. Now it’s a bit dumbfounding. I mean, working for Mr. Lee can be pretty unpleasant sometimes, but sometimes I just want to say come the fuck on. I can’t imagine working somewhere for three weeks and quitting. I’m beginning to think Koreans feel some kind of entitlement when it comes to jobs.

Monday all I did was collect the kids books and make sure they had finished all of the vocabulary pages. That’s all I’m in charge of. Diane only gives me like 10-20 pages of work in each book and takes the rest of the book for herself. Whatever. If they didn’t finish a page, I’d have them do it there in class, otherwise it was pretty much baby-sitting.

Today was a fairly normal day, until the end. I had my two schedule classes, and then as I was leaving, Diane asks me to correct a translated document. It was part of a contract for a new teacher. One of the other teachers had used Google Translate. Let me tell you, the thing was fucking gibberish. Combined legalese with the retarded way Google Translate works, it was damn near impossible to tell what the hell was going on. I ended up picking out keywords and pretty much writing it from scratch, trying to make it sound as much like I remember my contract sounding.

That took about half an hour, then I left, changed clothes, and went to DnD to relax. I get a call at 3:53 PM from Diane asking me where I am, because I need to come back to school and substitute a class since she had to go interview a new foreign teacher. Ugh. I love hearing with less than ten minutes to prepare (especially if I’ve already left school and changed clothes) that I have to teach an extra class. Still, it was my favorite class all summer, so we just finished a portion of the work Diane was supposed to do, did a word search, and then I left them fool around for like ten minutes while I finished checking their books.

Now I’m just relaxing back in the DnD, downloading some TV shows, waiting for dinner time to roll around. After dinner I have to bike to E-mart. I’ve recently run out of toothpaste and deodorant. It’s been raining every day for over the past week, but right now it’s taking a break, so I hope it lasts long enough to get dinner and E-mart it up. After that I’ve got hapkido. I’ve been looking forward to it since Friday night. I’m really surprised by how much I enjoy it.

I’ve noticed recently I’ve actually got the problem of being too busy.  I know so many people from different places, and I’ve got nearly every night planned with a specific activity, so weekends are my only true free time to see people at my leisure. I’ve got too many friends to see them all, so I feel bad, because I feel like I’m neglecting people. Since I spent the last couple weekends and I will spend the next one in Hongdae, I suppose I’ll stay in Cheonan and try to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in awhile.

Korean Word of the Day:

건어물녀 – geoneomul-nyeo – 건어물 (geoneomul) is the word for a specific type of dried fish. 녀 (nyeo) is just a general term for a female. So, what exactly is a dried fish female? It’s a kind of Korean slang for a girl that just sits around home all day, watching TV and eating, never doing her make up, never going out anywhere, no job, no school, and being a general waste of life.


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