Finally the Weekend

I don’t really have much to say. My week has been super busy. Taking hapkido takes up a lot of my extra time. It’s harder to find time to sit down and write things. My week was pretty bad. I don’t even really want to talk about it. Everything was so unorganized and chaotic… It was a nightmare. Anyway, I just wanted to write something to keep it current. Last night was a friend’s going away party. She’s leaving for the UK to study English for six months. I was late because of my class, but we stayed at Joel’s for awhile, then went to a noraebang. I just watched a drank. Afterward, a couple of us went to a new “bar”. It’s not a real bar, but more of a beer cafeteria. Super cheap. Grab whatever you want out of the coolers then settle at the end based on bottles. Hoegaarden was like $3, when it’s usually like $7 in a bar. You can trust I drank the shit out of some Hoegaarden.

Today I’m going to Bucheon. I hadn’t had any particular plans, but a friend there is going home temporarily, so he’s having a going away shindig at the RnB, which will be an event for the annals, I’m sure.

I think I fucked up my wrist in either hapkido or some drunken debauchery last night. My toe is a little bloody and bruised from stubbing it super hard on a curb last night. Anyway, typing really hurts, so I’m cutting it short.


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