Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a good weekend. Friday I kicked it in Dolce. The good part about Dolce is that if I close the bar out, I get a free ride home. I walk in there saving seven bucks on a taxi.

Saturday, I got a ride with my friend Simpson to the wedding. I put pictures on Facebook. I do want to have a post just for the pictures though. Korean weddings are extremely different from American weddings, and I’m told the one I went to was a little different from normal Korean weddings, even. Most notably, it was short as hell. The ceremony only lasted forty minutes. Also, after the service is over, people take pictures, then go the fuck home. No dinner. No reception. No craziness. Get in. Get married. Get out. Most interestingly, attendance was optional. Lots of people never even showed up for the ceremony. They’d instead be eating in the restaurant in the church (yes) or outside smoking or something, then come in once it was over for pictures.

Anyway, I killed most of the afternoon, then got antsy and headed to Seoul a little early. I met up with some Korean friends. We started eating/drinking maybe 8:30 PM-ish. I had three bottles of soju to myself, which I think I’ve calculated to be around four shots of 80 proof American liquor. Needless to say, I had two more beers at the bar I had originally intended on going to and time traveled to the next morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of time traveling in college, but I suddenly feel much more guilty about it here. Probably because I don’t have the comfort of time traveling in my friend’s apartment, and there’s a real strong possibility that I could’ve done something terrible in a public place whilst in warp status. The thing is that I tend not to get drunk when I go out in Cheonan, but when I go to Seoul or Bucheon, I’m a horse of a different color, to use the parlance of our times.

Sunday I woke up and had already predestined that I would be heading to Itaewon to hit up South Korea’s only Taco Bell. Technically, there are other Taco Bells on army bases, or so I’m told, but these aren’t technically on Korean soil, and the only way for a public person to obtain said delicious Taco Bell is to have it delivered to the gate where they can pick it up (again, all hearsay). God knows how long that would take, and no one likes soggy nachos.

The menu was kind of small and definitely overpriced compared to American Taco Bells, but never has a spicy chicken Crunchwrap tasted so good. Also, the Taco Bell was three stories tall, but only because it was literally 20 feet wide, so they needed multiple floors for seating. Even then, I got one of the last available seats. Taco Bell seems to be faring well in Korea.

Sunday after I got home I just relaxed and watched some Korean movies. I managed to get through a Monday I’d dreaded since Friday afternoon, but it wasn’t that bad and I managed to avoid the promised shitstorm of a disaster Friday had presented. I didn’t tell any classes except my last one that it was my birthday. And then only that class because I referenced how old I was. I asked them what they got me, and one kid said he’d bring me something Wednesday. =3

I can finally stop telling people I’m only 22 years old. Still, being 23 still pegs me as just about the youngest person in any group, particularly of foreigners. Actually, turning 23 makes me feel even younger than when I was just 22 years old. I mean, it’s not like 23 is a huge turning point. It’s just like “Goddamn, I’ve been here six months and I’m still only 23 years old.”

Anyway, my only plans for tonight are skipping the study group to watch True Blood, then meet up with hapkido friends to go drinking. I want to say I’ll try not to overdue it, but there’s also a pretty good chance I’ll be late for work tomorrow. It’s the one time a year I think I’m due a mulligan the morning after.

Perhaps wedding photos and catching up on Korean Word of the Day/Konglish tomorrow since I get off work at 3 PM and will have some free time.


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