Back to the Grind

Well, Chuseok is officially over, and today was my second day at work. Monday morning I had the terrible feeling that the day was just going to be awful, but aside from being a long day (9 AM – 6 PM) it wasn’t too bad. I asked the kids what they did over the vacation and just got back into the swing of things with a little review. Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll actually be giving my first test completely independent of the Korean teachers. It’s like I’m a real teacher! The test is pretty simple.

I spent yesterday and today asking kids the definitions of their vocab words in English. It was kind of tough because I hadn’t stressed it as much the past month or two as I did before. Still, I could tell that the kids at least knew the Korean word, but I wanted them to start thinking in other terms in English. It didn’t have to be complicated. Lots of them were just opposites. Clean? Not dirty. Dirty? Not clean.

For the younger kids, I’m picking 20 words from their vocab list and I’ll give them multiple choice questions. For the older, advanced classes, I’m just giving them a word bank and a list of definitions. We’ll see how it goes over tomorrow.

Anyway, rewind a little. I spent all week in pretty much massive soreness. I spent most of the day laying in bed watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Tuesday through Thursday literally everything was closed. It was hard just finding a place to eat. At night, I hit up the bars, which were generally pretty empty, but I got to play pool with the owner of Dolce, the bar I frequent now, and play darts for beer.

Saturday, of course, was spent in Hongdae. A friend of mine had his birthday Saturday, so a group of us met in Itaewon to try some Greek restaurant. Good, but over-priced. We had a couple drinks in Itaweon, then headed to Hongdae. I didn’t get too crazy. Stuck to my promise and avoided soju all night. We went to a pretty cool club called Club 500. It was a basement club, and it was renovated to look like a cave. You even had to take your shoes off, so everyone there was barefoot. You could dance or sit in little side rooms to drink, smoke hookah, talk, etc… Unfortunately by that point, I was pretty tired so I took off to sleep on my own. Planning on going back to Hongdae this weekend, as well. I know a couple of people who haven’t been there yet, so I’m convincing them to come with me.

Korean Word of the Day:

쭉쭉빵빵 – jjuk jjuk bbang bbang –  쭉쭉 just means “in a line, a series” and 빵빵 is an onomatopoeic word like “bang” or “pow”. So what is that? A series of bangs? Oh, something like that. It’s Korean slang for a nice rack. My Korean friend (a woman) told me never to say it in front of a woman, particularly not directly to her. I think it’s probably as smooth as walking up to a girl and saying “Hey baby. You got nice gazongas.” You can expect to get smacked.


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