First Post in Awhile

Sorry for the long gap between posts. I find myself somehow increasingly busy. I’ve also been mega-stressed. The worst is gone. I was probably over-reacting, and to a large extent, the main problem is completely out of my control, so I may as well not worry about it and just do anything I can to stay positive about it.

Anyway, nothing terribly exciting has been going on. I’m in the second week of the unit, so it’s still not terribly taxing to be at school. Also, today is one of my short days, so I can get out of here at 4 PM. Though, I’ll be going to the bank and sending home money to pay back loans, which is incredibly depressing. I mean, it’s good that I can afford to do it, but I just got paid, and I’m sending a quarter of my check away. Not that I’ll really miss it. A lot of the reason I want to stay is because I have the ability to pay my loans back in 3-4 years if I’m pretty diligent about. I wouldn’t even really have to sacrifice the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to, since Korea is so damned cheap.

I don’t want to bore with the minutia of my day to day life, since nothing really interesting has happened lately. It’s weird. Yes, living in Korea is an adventure of it’s own, but it’s startling how quickly it becomes kind of… pedestrian. I mean, I’ve completely made a normal life for myself here. I’ve got almost the same number of friends I had back in college (though none so close — I was talking with someone and we both agreed the friends made in college tend to be the closest, though honestly, what do a couple of recent graduates really know?), I’ve got study groups, and martial arts classes and a group for just eating out and trying new restaurants, a group for playing pool with, etc…

Still, Saturday and Sunday afternoons in Cheonan are wicked boring. I suppose I should maybe see if people want to hang out during the day, but the weird thing is while I have tons of friends, I don’t know which/if any of them would be down for just hanging out one-on-one during the day, and not for something specific like lunch, drinking, etc… Even so, once night rolls around, there’s always tons of things to do, so I suppose it’s a push.

Korean Word of the Day:

존나 춥다 – jon-na chubda – I learned this one just last night. Recently I’ve been asking all my Korean friends how to say “It’s fucking __________!” Though I’ve been here seven months, I’m just now coming to miss the magic of the word fuck. Truly, it is the King amongst kings when it comes to word. Noun? Check. Verb? Check. Adjective? Check. Adverb? Check. Infix? Check. (English Word of the Day: Infix. An infix is like a prefix or suffix, except instead of preceeding or following a word, it comes in the middle. Many people will insist that the English language has no infixes, they are incorrect. In-fucking-correct. Yes, –fucking– is the only native infix in the English language.) Anyway, Google Translate tells me that 존나 means “juicy”, but altogether, the Korean phrase means “It’s fucking cold!” This is 욕 – yok – a curse. Unfortunately, this phrase cannot be applied to everything. Different situations require different Korean fucks. For everyone in America, be thankful for what you have.


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