A Much Needed Weekend

Well, it’s just abotu 10 PM on Sunday night, and I’m winding down at a PC Bang, downloading a Korean movie. I had a pretty busy weekend, and I needed every minute of it to blow off the steam I had accumulated at work over the week.

Wednesday, Mr. Lee suggested to me that I might be too stressed at Buldang, and that I should switch to another school in the area, and let Steve, the new kid replacing Dave take my position. I was speechless for a moment. While I fully intend on finding a new job, and in no way am I considering renewing my contract another year, the thought of saying goodbye to my students right now really kicked me in the nuts. I told him I was perfectly okay to work at Buldang. Honestly, I think he had an alterior motive. He had mentioned earlier that the kid’s parents I disciplined got mad at him, and began calling other parents to talk shit about him, so like four parents wanted to pull their kids out of the program. There’s more than a little part of me that felt like he was just throwing me under the bus and sacrificing my job at the school as a way to appease some disgruntled parents. So Wednesday I was fairly stressed out at work.

Thursday and Friday were much better. I think the situation has pretty much blown over. Though I did have some weird work stress related dream a couple nights ago. I can’t even really remember what it was about. Just that I was at work and my boss and principal were super pissed at me for something. Parenthetically, I also had my second dream in Korean a couple nights ago. Shit is so strange. As far as I can tell, I don’t think that last Friday’s incident really made it out of the class. At least, if students in my other classes know about it, it hasn’t changed how they act around me. In fact, Friday I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had in two of my classes. Blue class on Fridays is just four three four third grade boys. We did some book work, and at the end of class, there were about ten extra minutes left. I don’t remember really how, but we just got into an eraser fight. The next class saw, and when they finished their work with about ten minutes left, they wanted to have an eraser fight, so it was pretty much me getting beaned with erasers by seven girls and one boy. This really is the best part of my job.

I have some girl students that like to sit on my lap. At first it made me a little uneasy. Coming from America, there’s always people that will question a relative stranger’s affection for a kid. Secondly, my principal is a Nazi, and he saw me sitting at my desk with three second graders on my lap, he’d probably have about eight conniptions apiece. Still, it’s hard to tell them no. One in particular, Angela, a really sweet girl who struggles a lot, but really likes me, will just sit on my lap and do her work for like ten minutes, if I don’t tell her to get up and go sit back down. It’s kind of weird, but at the same time, I really appreciate that my students are that comfortable with me.

Friday night I went to hapkido as usual. Pretty normal day. Still can’t do a goddamn handspring. But I landed a single-handed cartwheel for the first time. Not really the absolute first time, but the first really legit one. Before I wouldn’t extend my legs all the way, or I’d bail out with my second hand at the last second, but Friday I landed two legit single-handed cartwheels, so I was pretty stoked. Getting better and better at handstands. Up to like five seconds and a couple steps now. Pretty impressive considering before a month or so ago I couldn’t even do one at all. Also, I jumped a rope 300 times for the first time on Wednesday, and then again on Friday. I used to think that my legs were pretty muscular, but since I started hapkido I’ve seen a huge increase.

After hapkido, I met up with John and we went to a couple bars, had some drinks, etc… but most people wanted to call it a night a lot earlier than I did. Went to Dolce, but as soon as we got there, the only three other people there left, so I ended up going home around 2 AM. It was a pretty slow night.  Saturday I bummed around Cheonan all day, did some laundry, then went to Daejon for a friend’s birthday. The restaurant we went to dinner at was awesome. It was a German themed buffet. For 18,000 won we got unlimited food, steaks, and pitchers for German beer until 10 PM. We got loaded there. Went to the downtown area to drink more, but the first bar we went to was super packed and getting a drink seemed like a hassle. At one point, I swore someone suggested we go to another place, so he left, and I tried to follow him out, but somehow we got separated. I ended up on the street by myself and just said “fuck it” and got a cab to take me to a jjimjilbang.

Woke up around 10 AM and went home to shower, change clothes, and nap before I went to Seoul. I needed a new Korean book, and decided I could use some new clothes as well. I was supposed to meet a friend, but she never responded to my texts until about an hour ago. Apparently she got plastered last night and just woke up. At 9 PM. Okay, whatever. Anyway, I had a decent time traveling all over Seoul by myself. Did a little exploring, found the massive book store and got two Korean textbooks. Went to Itaewon and got some new work shirts and a new pair of shoes. Probably spent… 230,000 won on travel and purchases. I decided on Itaewon for dinner, with Mexican in mind, but when I saw the Subway, I had to go. I haven’t had Subway since I came here, and I used to eat there pretty often. It was about $8 for a footlong with a drink and chips. I think that’s slightly more than back home, but back home I only ever got $5 foot longs with no drinks or sides because I was cheap as fuck. I bought some ADIDAS sneakers today for 87,000 won. I have definitely never spent $70 or more on a pair of shoes before. I think the most before that was like $45 for Chucks. I’m slowly getting more and more used to having money.

Anyway, this week looks like it’ll be more managable. Hopefully things have calmed down for good. The only thing that sucks is I’m getting to the point where I have no bookwork left with some of my classes, so I’m going to be spending more and more of my mornings coming up with worksheets for class. Oh, boy.


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