Looking Forward to Next Year

Well, It’s been awhile since my last update. Mostly because there’s been nothing worth writing about. Last week was my vacation. I literally did nothing. I laid in bed and watched movies and read comic books all day. Literally. I started with The Walking Dead since I loved the TV series so much. Read all 80 issues in about three days. Then I moved onto Sandman. Pretty badass.

Also, another reason I haven’t written much is because work has been so stressful. I don’t want to waste time boring people with details or spend a lot of time whining, but it’s really becoming ridiculous. My boss wants me to work on Saturdays for January and February, which is completely unacceptable to me. The reason being, my vacation week, and a long vacation in the first week of February cuts the time table short. Our program is meant to be taught in four weeks, and he is adamant about it coninciding with the months, so he wants us to basically finish each four week program in three weeks by using Saturday as an extra teaching day.

With all of the outside of the class work I do, all the stress that’s been piling up lately, adding a sixth full day to my work week for two months would kill me. I sent my boss an e-mail saying as much. Two, actually. In the first, I tried to persuade him it was a bad idea. We tried one Saturday school before the winter vacation, and nobody showed up. Kids don’t want to come. Parents don’t want to send the kids. It’s a waste of time. Even if kids do show up, then whoever doesn’t will be missing a lot of work. Sure, kids are absent sometimes, but if they don’t come one Saturday, they won’t come any Saturday, and missing 1/4 – 1/3 of a class means it’s probably a huge waste of their time and money.

He never responded, and I hoped that he would change his mind. Monday, Mia, the newest co-teacher of mine (Make that my 8th co-teacher in 10 months), told me that Mr. Lee was still planning on giving us Saturday classes. Tuesday morning, I sent an e-mail flat out saying “I will not teach on Saturdays. It’s too much work.” We got the new schedule printed out today and brought in, and I notice that it’s only set up Monday – Friday. Either he changed his mind, or realized that I simply wouldn’t do it, so it would be impossible. Either way, I don’t care. The mood I was in Monday over that and Tuesday morning, I wouldn’t have cared if he said I was breaking my contract by refusing to do what he said. I’d have told him to fire me, knowing full well it’d be damn near impossible to replace me before my contract ends, so he doesn’t really have that option. He’s kind of stuck with me at this point.

It might kind of sound like I’m being a dick and bending the guy over a barrel. Maybe I kind of am. But up until this point, I’ve been extremely co-operative. I’ve done all the bullshit stuff he asked of me, even when others refused. It just got to the point where it’s obvious I can’t do what he asks. It’d literally kill me.

On a happier note, things outside of work are going well. No personal drama to speak of, which is definitely a good thing. Hapkido class is going well. Last night was a pretty tough class.  I only lasted about 45 minutes before I just had no strength left in my arms to do more tumbling or falling. For instance, after about 45 minutes, we practiced jumping up a couple feet in the air, then falling so we land on our toes and forearms. Instead of holding myself up on my arms, they just gave out and I would land on my chest. Just too tired.

Still, they said they can tell I’ve lost a lot of weight, even since I started just four months ago. That’s always nice to hear. I haven’t been on a scale in awhile, but the last time I got weighed, I’d lost around 20 pounds, and that was maybe 2 months ago. Also said that maybe in 3 weeks I can get my next belt. It’s either red or purple. I can’t remember. I thought they originally said this specific kind of hapkido only had six belts, but then recently they said my next belt would be purple, the would come red, then black. Whatever, it’ll be nice to change.

Also, I sent in a resume this morning for a job in the next city over, Asan. It’s not ideal. I’d love to stay in Cheonan. Asan is on the same bus and subway line, but if I go out for the night, a taxi ride home would be pretty pricey. My recruiter sent me an e-mail saying she heard that the Asan City Schools would be hiring 25 people to come teach in their public schools, at the elementary, middle and high school level. That’s close enough for me. I practically live in Asan already anyway. It’s only a 10 minute drive from my place.

Anyway, just about any job would be fantastic. Just as long as it’s not this one. I’m still a little unsure how things will shake out with my visa situation. It runs out March 5th, but my contract is until the 17th. Technically it’s illegal to continue working, but you’re given 2 weeks to leave the country, so it’s not a huge deal. My recruiter thinks that extremely small time between when my job ends and my window to leave ends could affect how I re-new or apply for a new visa. I mean, other than the absolute worse case scenario, like I go back home and die or something, the most probable worst case scenario is that I’m forced to leave the country and find a new job and re-apply for a visa.

What I wouldn’t mind is finding a new job before I go home, which would be flexible enough that I could go home, apply for a new visa, and return after only 2-3 weeks at home. Hopefully, we can work that out. Of course, I can always hope that I can work something out with my boss where he could possibly let me leave early, and I could make some concessions in pay cut or something, which would allow me to simply renew my visa and stay in Korea without leaving, but I think there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell of that happening.


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  1. I had to extend my visa last year since it ended on the 19th, and I didn’t leave until the 25th. I ended up transferring my visa after I ended my EPIK contract and left during my vacation time to set up at my new school which my old school allowed. Maybe you could do the same. I know you said something about going home for a few weeks, but that means you’ll have to reapply all over again and get the new FBI background check.

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