Well, One More Month

So, shit should start getting interesting here soon. Later this week is Chinese New Years, which is a three day holiday. Buldang completely closed down for the whole week, so we can’t hold classes. Mr. Lee originally said I could work from home (not that I was going to do it in the first place), but then I was told last night I’d have to come in and work from 9-6 PM. That shit was obviously just not going to happen. I’d made plans already. So I just turned the ringer off my phone and slept in, then went to Songtan with Steve. I got an e-mail from my latest co-teacher, Mia, and she said that Mr. Lee isn’t happy and said he won’t pay me for two days. Like I give a shit.

I sent him an e-mail, in which I explained the reasons why I wasn’t coming into work. I don’t feel like going back to copy and paste it here, but I basically said because of recent working conditions, the fact that I’ve never been paid for the extra work he gives me, and the fact that he remains uncooperative when it comes to supplying me with the documents I need to find a new job and transfer my visa, that I no longer feel responsible to do extra work that he assigns me.

Also, I have an interview for a job at 11 AM tomorrow. It’s in Cheonan. I believe it’s working directly for a hagwon, 10-6 PM. It’s a bit closer to the downtown area, where many people I know live, which is good. I looked at the job placement website’s page for the school, and it seems pretty nice. No more than ten kids per class room. Maybe 6 teaching hours a day, which is one more class than I already have, but since teaching and being around the kids is the best part for me, I’m not really sweating it.  In my e-mail, I told Mr. Lee that I have an interview, and if things go well, I wanted to officially request my release letter. I don’t necessarily need my contract, since I may not have to extend my visa, and I’d only really need a recommendation letter for a public school job. A release letter effectively terminates the employment with my current employer and makes it possible to have a new employer sponsor my visa. I’ve given Mr. Lee two weeks to provide me with a release letter. I didn’t say what would happen if I didn’t receive in that timeline. I’m still not completely sure what I’d do. If I am not given a release letter, then it forces me to go back to the States and apply for a whole new visa. Not ideal, but not the end of the world. Hopefully, if I do get a contract, and worst comes to worst, they’d understand it’s out of my control because my boss is being irrational, and perhaps they’d even be able to help me obtain the letter.

Anyway, this whole week I’ve essentially got off now. Today I went to Songtan to just walk around and browse with Steve. Had some decent Turkish food for lunch. The only thing the rest of today is study group and dinner. Downloading The Fighter now to watch when I get home. Tomorrow, of course, I’ve got my interview at 11 AM. The guy on the phone sounded nice. It certainly can’t be a worse situation. Haha. Right now, my biggest priority is just staying in Korea. Even though it’s a job teaching elementary, and maybe even pre-school, the first thing I want is just to stay and know I have a job. Next time around, after experiecing everything I’m going through now, I know how to handle a situation better and in a more timely fashion, so hopefully next time it would go much better for me.

After the interview, I’m going to bum around a bit. Maybe do a bit of grocery shopping. I expect most places will be closed on one of the two huge holidays in Korea, and I remember how hard it was finding places to eat on Chuseok. At 10 PM, I’ve got a meeting with a friend in Seoul at Hongdae. That’ll be fun. Unfortunately, from what people tell me is that trains for around the holiday have been sold out for over a week. It’s a huge travel holiday. I’ll probably just end up taking the subway. It seems like a good time to figure out the express subway. I’ve heard that gets to Seoul in around an hour, which isn’t much longer than the KTX, and would only cost like 3000 won.

I’m also meeting someone in Hongdae on Wednesday around 5 PM. I’m not sure if I’ll just spend all day in Seoul, or if I’ll come home and go back. I guess it depends on the transportation situation and how rowdy my Tuesday night gets. After that though, I don’t really have any plans for the rest of the week. Thursday is generally my day to have dinner with people and play pool. Friday will probably be spent in Dolce as usual. Saturday, for lack of a better idea, I’ll probably go back to Hongdae again. This is going to be an expensive week.


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