Roof Top Sugar

So, I had a pretty productive morning. I finally got my release letter, so I had to meet with the new director to drop off all my documents so he could get my visa taken care of. I needed four passport photos, but I only had three, and they were old anyway, so last night I went to have them taken, but I came in late, so they couldn’t be printed before the shop closed. So I headed to meet the director around 9 AM, then had to wait around for him to show up at 10 AM. I swore he said “before 10 AM”, but in Konglish that can mean at 10 AM. Anyway, I met most of the teachers there, though most are leaving. I think only two of the five are staying.

After that, I grabbed some lunch, then went back to the shop to get my photos and went back to the academy. It was a special day there. Graduation is at the end of the week, so the classes were putting on “dramas”. For most of them, that meant a choreographed dance to a taped song, but I think I saw some of the older students singing, perhaps in English. Anyway, it was cute, and we never do anything fun like that at my current job.

Anyway, it seems like things are finally sorted out and settled. Except the students still don’t really know the deal. I’m going to tell my older classes today. I think they deserve to know. Especially since the classes I teach today I’ll only see again on Thursday and then never again. I’ve still got three more classes with my Mon, Wed, Fri classes. Originally I was told my last day was the 28th, then it was pushed up to the 25th, now it’s the 28th again. I don’t care. Most of those classes are about done with their books, so tomorrow is games, Friday is god knows what, and Monday I’ll probably just show a movie all day. I’m really beyond caring at this point.

At first I was a little upset about the day being pushed back. I would’ve liked to just said all my goodbyes this week and finish it, then spend next week transitioning. I’m over it. I also talked to the director today about my housing situation, and he said I should be able to move in to an apartment on March 2nd or so. That only really leaves me with one full day of homelessness, which should hopefully be easy to fix. At worst, maybe I store my shit at a friend’s place or two and spend the night in a jjimjilbang.

I’m beyond excited to get started at the new job. I just need a change. It can’t come to soon. I feel like today is going to be hard. It’s my long day. I have to teach 5 hours, instead of 4 like all the other days. Ugh. So not excited for the first class in particular. Except one, perhaps two students, I can’t say I’d miss them. In fact, several I can very definitely say I’m glad I’ll never see again. That sounds bad, but if you spent a year with some of these kids, you wouldn’t ever want to see them again.

That’s another thing, perhaps it was because it was a special day and parents were around to watch the “dramas”, but the kids at the new place all seemed really well-behaved. And when I was originally hired, he said I would have 9 classes, which seemed extreme, but the day is just split into 9 periods. From 10 AM to 2:2o PM, I’d be teaching my own kindergarten class which I would have every day, all year. I’d teach in 40 minute blocks or so, then have a small break, then go back. Then maybe a 30 hour break before older students came. That’s a little more complicated, like some students only come certain days a week, and some only come for the first or second half or both or whatever, but it’s not like I have 9 completely different classes. More like 3-4 classes total with all the different possible permutations.

Anyway, class starts in about half an hour. I don’t really have anything prepared. Just gonna kind of wing it today. I did that yesterday. Basically finished the books in two classes, which only took like 30-40 minutes.  The rest of the time was just playing around. That was fun.

Also, the weather today was awesome as hell. I hope it stays warm like this. It’s getting late in winter. Hopefully the snow we got last week was the last of it.


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  1. Congrats on the new job and the transitioning. I hope it’s a lot better than the job you had. Changes at my school start next week Tuesday–new students, English names, teachers–foreigner and Korean, and new materials. This year is going to be more about learning and creating the classroom environment I’ve wanted but hadn’t had a chance yet to create such as guitar in the classroom…Anyways, wishing you luck and maybe you’ll post some pictures this year?

    Take care,

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