First Farewells

Well, it’s Thursday, which means this is the last day I’ll teach five of my classes. Two of them are my favorites, too. It hasn’t really hit me yet, but after lunch I’m gonna go home and get my camera so I can get some pictures with my students. I think when I say goodbye to Yellow and Orange class it’s really going to be hard on me. Gonna have to sack up and not get misty-eyed in front of fourth graders.

Since it’s the last day, with three of my classe we’re just playing games. Those being Red, Yellow and Orange. My first class, Silver, I don’t even know. I don’t care either. It’s my worst class and they’re not even like half finished with their books, so I’ll probably just assign them a couple pages and that’s it. Tuesday I gave them 4 pages and it lasted like 45 minutes. Actually, most of those students I don’t even really want a picture of. Just one or two. Another of my favorite students from that class hasn’t been there in awhile. I’ve noticed attendance has dropped noticably in the past couple weeks. I don’t know if it’s because the parents found out the program was ending or what. Shit, you paid for a month. May as well use it.

Then I’ll play games for three classes. After that, I’ve got Treasures class. It’s not a bad class, really. The students are all fairly smart, though some lack the motivation to apply themselves, but overall they’re good. It’s just the book, an American 3rd grade textbook, is perhaps a little too advanced for some of them, and the amount of material I’m given coupled with only seeing them two times a week means I can never really have fun with them. It’s always reading a story on Tuesday and doing book work Thursday. I feel bad, but at this point, whatever.

I won’t just be saying goodbye to my students either. Last night, when I got to my hapkido lesson, the master called me into his office and told me that he was moving to another city, so there wouldn’t be anymore lessons there. That really sucks. He told me of two other places I could go to continue learning. I want to keep learning, especially since I just got my red belt, so I’m only 2-3 months away from a black belt. It would be pointless to stop now. But starting all over again at a new place would be awkward.

He was a little weird about it though. At one place, he’s college friends with the master, and he knows it’s a good place, but he said that I shouldn’t tell him that he moved. I should just say I wanted to go somewhere closer to my home. It would be, except I’m moving downtown, so it’d be really out of the way. The other place would be downtown, near where I’d be living, but he said if I go there, I should lie and say I’ve been studying hapkido for 9-10 months, because if they found out I got my red belt in six months, they’d still wait until I reached a year of studying to take my black belt test. That kind of makes me feel like I’m underqualified to be a red belt or something.

So, tomorrow I’ll have to say my goodbyes to all the people in my hapkido class. I mean, I still have their phone numbers and all, but we’ve tried hanging out before, and they always flake, so I just kind of stopped trying to make plans with them. I guess it’s good that I’ll get some free time next week at least. The hapkido class did kind of cut into socializing. I guess I’ll take a week or two off to get settled into the new place and what not, then try getting back into it in mid-March.

I still haven’t started packing yet. That’s probably bad. I keep saying I’ll start tomorrow. I know other people leaving to go home or on vacation and they say they’ve been packing for weeks. Kind of makes me a little nervous. I remember when I was in college, every time I went into an exam, I’d just sit and wait patiently. My feeling was that if I didn’t know it already, no amount of panicked studying would help out in the five minutes before a test. And yet, as I sat there and saw other people flipping through their notes in a panic, it still made me a little bit uneasy, like I should be more concerned or urgent in my emotions or whatever. Kind of the same thing.

I know, A) being a guy, and B) being me particularly, not only do I not have that much shit to pack that I can’t throw out, but I can also get it done fairly goddamn quickly. The only problem is that I have acquired a fair amount of books, and I only have one suitcase… I may just have to go to a store and steal some of the free boxes they have there. In Korea, at department stores, they charge money for plastic bags, but cardboard boxes are free. Much more recycling minded society here.

Anyway, it’s about lunch time, so I’m gonna go grab some chow.


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  1. Hello!

    I’m currently living in Cheonan and am interested in starting Hapkido lessons. I am wondering where you take them, what time and how much they are- also if they accept females, as I am one!

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