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Running on Fumes

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Well, Friday was pretty interesting. After work, we finally had our welcome dinner party with all of the teachers together. The other three foreign teachers showed up a little late, so before they got there, I was talking a little bit of Korean to the Korean teachers. I literally said three sentences and one of the teachers was like “Oh wow, I’ve been teaching for seven years and you speak the best Korean of any teacher I’ve known.” I mean, Koreans are always super impressed with any level of Korean you can speak.

Then the other teachers showed up and it went a little downhill. One of the other teachers is starting his third year in Korea. He studied here in college one year and just finished his first teaching year. He’s engaged to a Korean girl he met in Canada five years ago. So the guy’s had a bit more opportunity and time to learn, but when our boss told us to give a toast in Korean, he totally blew me out of the water. Made me look like a retard. I had to admit to him that not only was I jealous, but I hated him, just a little bit.

It’s given me a bit of a new drive to study Korean. Up until now, among the people I have spent a lot of time with, I’ve always spoken the best Korean. I do know a handful of people that speak quite well, but we also don’t hang out often. So, most of the time, no matter who I was with, they always kind of deferred to me as the best Korean speaker of the group if interaction with the natives was necessary. Now that I know someone who speaks significantly better than me and I’m going to see him a lot, I feel a much stronger need to study Korean more earnestly.

Anyway, I drank quite a bit at the dinner party. My boss was excited to have more male teachers around to drink with because before it was almost all girls so he got lonely at the company dinners. I told him I drink well, so he was excited and kept the drinks coming as fast as I could drink them. I met up with friends later and continued drinking. A lot. Phew.

Saturday I met an old co-worker in Hongdae. Since I got my smart phone a lot of Korean friends I haven’t talked to in awhile have been contacting me because of a free texting app that’s available on the phones. I actually didn’t even immediately know who she was when she texted me the first time. Because of how much I drank Friday night, and how much I drank the last time I saw her, I decided to play it a bit more low key. We just went to a couple sit down places to drink and munch on food while we talked. It wasn’t anything insane, but it was fun.

She was also like “Oh my god, you know four words of Korean, you’re the best ever” so I told her that really made the compliment mean a lot less. Sometimes it’s not just the amount of words I know that impresses Koreans, but the kinds of words or idioms. A lot of times Koreans ask me how I learned something. A lot of times the answer is just like “Uh, a Korean friend”. At the end of the night she was almost in tears over some piece of really new slang that a high schooler taught me. I’ll admit, that was probably something worth being proud of.

Anyway, of course, since it’s Sunday, it’s my do nothing day. Last night I didn’t sleep. At all. We called it a night around 1 AM, but I wasn’t drunk, so sleeping at a jjimjilbang was not happening. I laid down for four hours and didn’t sleep. Gave up around 5:30 AM and went to the train station. Got home around 7 AM and tried to fall asleep, but just laid in bed for four hours. Lame. I’m not that tired now, but I’ll sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow the whole school is going on a field trip to the postal museum in Cheonan. Sounds thrilling, I know. Still, it means I don’t have to teach anything for the first several hours of my day. I’ll enjoy that.

Tuesday I’m meeting a new Korean friend for dinner and Korean practice. On Wednesday I went out with Oscar to try a new bar similar to a very popular bar he liked in Daejeon. We didn’t go in with high expectations, but it was a generally great time, minus some bullshit alcohol being poured on Oscar’s head instance at the end of the night. Definitely going back there soon, haha.

Some more new pictures from my phone are available:


The Worst Nightmare Ever

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I didn’t sleep very well last night. I woke up a whole bunch. Around 6 AM I woke up a full three hours before my alarm and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I don’t know why. Sometimes that just happens to me. Anyway, I somehow manage to get back to sleep, then I had a really bad nightmare. Well, it was really lame, but it had like a really strong effect on me. Anyway, I don’t remember a lot about the dream. I just remember that I was back in the States and I was unemployed. I was really worried about being able to pay my bills.

I worried myself awake and I was still really upset. I think the first thing I thought when I woke up was how I was going to afford rent this month. That’s just about like the worst way to start a day ever. I can say that from experience. I spent the last 4 months in the States unemployed and getting by was extremely hard. Like, every day was a big struggle just trying to find a reason to get up.

Anyway, all that anxiety go brought back up, which quickly combined with other stress I’ve had recently, mostly dealing with the fact that I still haven’t received my final paycheck from my previous boss yet and it’s looking like I may need to hire a lawyer to get it. There’s some other stuff, but it’s all pretty personal, so it’s nothing that really needs to be discussed here.

Anyway, I went to work, and for some reason, I thought it was already Tuesday. I was excited because that would make tomorrow Wednesday and if I got through that day I’d be half done. I think like that a lot. Once I’ve started a work day, I consider it pretty much all over with, so I can begin looking forward to completing the next day, even if it’s still only 10 AM. It makes the week go by faster for me.

Unfortunately, it is only Monday. It wasn’t a bad Monday though. My Monday schedule with kindergarten is pretty easy. Nothing hard or terribly boring so it’s a good way to ease into the week. Also, tomorrow we have our monthly cooking class. It’s just hotdogs. Nothing insane. Still, it’s one less thing where I actually have to do shit. I enjoy that. I’ll make sure to take some pictures. I’m sure the kids will make a hot mess.

My first grade class was pretty routine, except two boys got in a bit of a fight and cried. A kid tried to tell me “Teacher, your name is Monkey.” and whenever this happens, I just play dumb and go “Oh, your name is Monkey? Okay.” Then for a minute or two I call them whatever shit they tried calling me, the other kids laugh, and they learn not to call teacher names. Well, today, one of the boys took it a bit too far making fun of the kid named Monkey, and he started crying, then the crier cracked him pretty good right in the face with a mean right hook.

I separated both the boys, but they were both pretty upset and I was a little worried. First of all, there’s a camera in the room, and even though it wasn’t like I hit the kid myself, it’s probably not a good idea to set an environment where that kind of shit could happen. Still, it’s something I’ve done a lot before and never had that kind of reaction.  Usually the kids take it in stride, and if they are a bit offended by it, I knock it off. Some kids can be really touchy about calling them by something not their name. Anyway, I don’t think it’ll be a big deal.

My last class I kind of cracked down on them right away. I told them that if they spoke Korean they’d get a time out like my 1st graders for five minutes. Not three seconds later when I turn around, one kid spoke Korean, so I put him in timeout outside the class. He ended up staying out there for like 15 minutes. At first he treated it like a joke, so I just let him stay out there until he settled down. Then like two seconds after I kicked him out, another kid spoke Korean, so I made him stand in the corner for like 10 minutes. They think it’s funny at first, but after a couple minutes they get embarrassed. The rest of the class the other students were much better. Haha.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Cooking class should be interesting if nothing else. Then my advanced class in the afternoon has two of my favorite students, so that’ll be nice to see them again. And once I get tomorrow started, it’s practically Wednesday already, and once I finish that, well, I’m already halfway done!

St. Patty’s Done Has Come and Gone

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I’ve made it through one more week here at my new job. It’s starting to get more and more routine. It’s a bit easier and easier every day to get prepared for the kindergarten class. Afternoon is pretty easy, too. Especially since the classes all have books. So I kind of go in and do some pages then bullshit around with the kids. I just spent all of last week doing colors, one to ten, and animals with my first graders.I also spent the last couple days teaching them the days and their order, plus today, tomorrow and yesterday. The days are still a little sketchy, but one kid knows them, the months, and can read fairly well. He’s a bit higher than everyone else.

On Wednesday, I kind of bitched out my older class. They were being pretty disrespectful and just really refusing to get anything done. There are six kids in the class and I kicked four out of class, one at a time, for just being too talkative, and being difficult to manage. At the end of class, when there were just a couple minutes, I didn’t yell at them, but I was definitely bitching at them. I just kept asking them what was wrong with them and why they were having such a bad attitude. They asked what a bad attitude meant, so I told them in Korean, and I used a rather rude expression to say it.

Thursday was much better with them. Two of my favorite students come on Thursday. Beth and Dorothy are great students. They’re interested, already have a good level and they are easy to work with. Plus they have great senses of humor. I was explaining the grammar of “have been…” with verbs and adjectives, so I asked them to give me adjectives and one girl said “yellow” to screw with me. So I told them that yellow can mean someone is scared, blue is for sad, green is for envy, etc… We had our five minute break and when I came back Beth had written a little poem on the board. “I feel blue. I feel yellow. I feel green. I don’t like crayons. -Super B” Badass. Also, I asked Beth if she called herself Super B because of the word “superb”. She didn’t know it, so I showed her the translation in my phone and her response was “Oh, yeah. That’s me. Superb Super B.”

Friday we had a monthly birthday party. Once a month, the hagwon has one big birthday party for the kids with birthdays that month. It was really only like 15 minutes, but it was funny. I should’ve taken some pictures. I’ll endeavor to remember that for next time.

Friday night was Cheonan’s big St. Patty’s Day party. There were maybe 50+ people at Dolce, which is a pretty good number. Busy and lots of people to talk to, but not so crowded you can’t get around. The Halloween and Christmas parties were so large that it was a hassle getting a drink. I had a funny conversation about taxi etiquette with a British friend. Of course, in the States it’s SOP to just get in the back, but in England it would be rude to ride in the back unless you had to because there was more than one person riding. They just get in the front. Getting in the back seems very anti-social and distant, like you don’t want to talk to the guy providing you with a service. In Korea it’s a mix. I’ve seen people riding in both the front and back alone.

Anyway, St. Patty’s Day was good. Stayed out until 6 AM. Woke up at 4 PM. It’s hard dealing with that. Like, what the hell do you do with your day when you wake up at 4 PM? Well,  I went for a drive. I picked a road and just followed it for like an hour. It went straight from downtown to the country. From a busy city street, to a small highway, then back down to small residential streets and finally a winding mountain path that eventually turned into a dirt road. It was about then that I decided to turn around. I drove a bit on the dirt road, but it was bumpy as all hell.

I stopped at a Buddhist temple that I’d heard people reference before and checked it out. I had a nice little surprise. When I got to the temple, there was a really big tree out front with a sign, so I checked it out. Turns out it is Korea’s first walnut tree. A Buddhist monk fro China brought it with him and planted it 700 years ago. It’s literally the mother tree of all walnut trees in Korea. Only in Korea. You know in America people would not give two halves of a shit about something like that. But in Korea, that temple is famous and known all over the country.

Drove home afterward, and it was already night when I finally made it back home. I watched a Korean horror movie. Shit. I don’t know why I even continue to download Korean horror movies. In general, Korean movies are really good, but all the horror movies I’ve seen have been just god awful. After the movie I went back to Dolce for a birthday get together for a friend. Almost everyone I know was in Seoul for a going away party, but after St. Patty’s Day and the pretty much month or two straight of going to Hongdae every Saturday I needed a break. Plus, I hadn’t seen the birthday boy in awhile. It was just a nice relaxing time. Nothing crazy. Just sitting around drinking a bit and shooting the shit.

Sunday’s schedule is pretty much zero. Just got my language meeting later tonight. Nothing else until then. Just gonna relax and watch Jersey Shore. Maybe do some light reading.

Here’s the Facebook album for the pictures I take on my phone, which will be a lot. It’s got a couple pics from Kid’s College and a good number from my little drive. The area would be a lot more beautiful if it wasn’t still so winter-y and dead looking.

Where Did My Weekend Go?

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Man, weekends go by much too fast. I hate Sundays. I spend all day lamenting the fact that I have to go to work. It’s not because I dislike my job or anything. I just never want to go. Once I’m actually there and start working, it’s fine. But knowing I have to go always puts me in a bad mood.

Friday night I went to Dolce for the Mardi Gras/birthday party. I think I got there around 9:30 PM, and there were already like 40 people there. I didn’t expect that. I had a conversation with someone about something I’ve noticed more and more recently. Around my six month mark, I felt like I knew pretty much everyone in Cheonan. Even if I didn’t know their names or ever talk to them, I at least recognized everyone in a bar. More and more recently, I feel like I walk into a bar in Cheonan and I don’t know anybody.

I know that pretty much every six months a good amount of people leave Korea to go home, but around my sixth month, the only people I knew that left were people I had just met, so I didn’t feel like I was losing many friends because I didn’t know them well. Anyway, when I go to a bar, I don’t really go to meet people. I just go to get drunk. And talk to people I know. So, not knowing many people at a bar, it gets kind of boring because I’m not generally comfortable just striking up a conversation with a stranger.

So, bottom line, I didn’t stay at Dolce very long.

Saturday, I slept in until 1:30 PM. I haven’t done that in awhile. One drawback of my apartment is that it’s on a major road, so even early in the morning it’s a bit loud with all the cars and buses going by. Anyway, a bit after I woke up, a friend texted me to see what I was doing. I hadn’t seen her in awhile and she wanted to meet up in Hongdae. If it wasn’t so hard making plans with her, I might have declined, but usually our schedules don’t match up, so it is kind of hard to find time to hang out, so I went even though I wasn’t really up for Hongdae.

She wanted to meet at 11 PM, but a combination of being bored as fuck in Cheonan and expecting to see a band in the park made me get to Hongdae around 9 PM. I don’t think I’ve mentioned them before, but pretty much every weekend there’s a fantastic band that plays in the park in Hongdae. They’re called Soundbox. I try to get to Hongdae early just to see them. They’re easily the best part of Hongdae in my opinion. They’re a 10 member jam band. They’ve got people that sing, beatbox, tapdance, play bongos, and they recently added a comedian/MC type guy that also blows fireballs.

They do a mix of Korean and American covers. Everything from current K-pop hits to classics like “Stand By Me”, “Just the Two of Us” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. Last night, their finale was maybe the best cover of Elvis’ “Hound Dog” I’ve ever heard. I actually got a pretty good spot, right up front, even though there’s always a big crowd of like 200 people there to watch, and one of the guys noticed me while he was talking to the crowd. He seemed excited a foreigner was watching and asked me where I was from, so I told him in Korean. That drew a pretty big “Oooooh” from the crowd. Haha. They even brought some random old dude out of the crowd and he played a song on guitar and sang. He was really good. They’ve got a great energy and they involve the crowd in their shows really well.

My friend came a bit after 11 PM and we sat at a hof for awhile drinking and chatting. I knew she wanted to go to a club. I think most people know I’m not really a dancer, but you can’t really go to a club one-on-one with a girl and not dance. That’s just not how the world works. Anticipating this, I broke my rule and drank some soju at the hof. I swore off soju in Hongdae after a rather… messy night, but we just had three bottles between us, so it was enough to take the edge off without getting too ridiculous.

Anyway, the club I wanted to go to, I was too drunk to find, so we just walked into a random place. It was really more of a bar than a club, but whatever. You work with what you’re given. So, we danced for awhile, then she started including some Korean guys that were sitting at a table near where we were dancing. One was like a pretty shy-type guy and she really wanted him to loosen up and dance. So we danced for awhile with these random dudes. Some of them tried to like, dance on me, which I was not too enthused about, but whatever.

After we got tired, we just sat and bullshitted for awhile. They asked me if I wanted to date my friend, and my response was that she already had a boyfriend. But apparently here in Korea that’s not a problem. The guy’s response was basically “Ah, don’t mind that. She’s not married yet!” I guess any girl outside of wedlock is fair game in Korea. Classy. What can you say to that though? Nothing, pretty much. Just smile and nod.

We left the bar somewhere around 5:30 AM. I didn’t think we were in there that long, but we must have been in there around four hours. It honestly didn’t seem that long. How time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. It was a little hard getting a cab that late. The later you stay out, the harder it is to find a cab that won’t turn you down if it’s not a big enough fare. Then, when I finally did, when I told the guy where to go, he misspelled it in the GPS tracker, so I corrected him. “Oh, you speak Korean very well.” Haha.

Anyway, not much on the slate today. Watch a movie, go to the language group, rest and recover, steel myself for the work week.

Here’s a video of Soundbox. It’s 24 minutes long, but definitely skip through it and check it out.

One Week Down

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First things first, here’s the pictures from my first couple days at Kid’s College:

Sorry about the delay. I know I said they’d be up Tuesday, but I’ve been pretty busy this week. I’ve had them on Facebook for awhile, and I think most of the people reading saw them there, but now anyone can see them.

Anyway, I’ve made it through my first full week. I feel accomplished. The new job definitely has a lot more work involved than I had at Buldang. Still, it’s a lot better in pretty much every way. Though, lunch leaves a little to be desired. Light in the meat area. Still, other than that, pretty much everything is better. I may be working more, but I enjoy it more, too. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun inside the classroom and enjoy the students at Buldang, but the out of class drama and stress really overwhelmed the good parts of the job.

I’m hopefully starting to get my routine down. The first couple days the morning before class was a little hectic trying to figure out what I was teaching and what resources to use and all that, but it’s getting better. It helps that I made a weekly plan for next week. Well, you’re supposed to every week, but since it was my first week they didn’t really make me. Now I’ll have at least a pretty good idea of what I’m teaching each day, and I can always change it if I don’t feel like doing it.

I counted today, and I only have 24 students all week. I could have that much in just two of my nine classes at Buldang. And I thought that I had it good there only having 120 students a week. I know people with 30+ kids in every class and 400+ students. It’s a really great, small environment. I like being able to really spend a lot of time with my students. I’ve definitely already formed a pretty close bond with some students, particularly in my kindergarten.

If you look at the pics, you can see who I’m talking about. Kate is just the most adorable thing in the world. She’s normally pretty quiet, but very sharp, particularly with written work, which is usually the hardest part for a young kid. She’s also a hugger. She’ll just come up and hug me. And she’ll do it as long as you let her. You don’ t don’t have to hug her back or talk to her. She just wants to hug you. So adorable.

Seoa is one of the funniest little girls. Sometimes it’s a little hard to get her motivated, particularly with writing work, but she’s a regular chatterbox. She loves talking and her reading and talking ability is through the roof. She’s got a great sense of humor.

Mia is sharp as a tack. She often corrects other kids’ grammar mistakes when they’re speaking. She’s also really cute and generally finishes all her work really well without being constantly pestered to complete it.

Rachel is a bit of a chore. She’s extremely unmotivated. Her speaking is okay, but reading and writing is way behind. She joined the class late, so she’s a bit behind other students and she doesn’t really seem to enjoy being there. She constantly asks to go to the bathroom or go get water just to get out of doing stuff, and it’s nearly impossible for her to finish work in the allotted time because if you don’t stand over her, she’ll just stare off into nothingness or doodle. She’s also a bit of a whiner. I think she’s used to getting her way at home.

Alex is a little maniac. He loves to scream and go crazy and fight. He’s smart, but a bit rambunctious. I don’t mind that much though. He still finishes if you give him enough incentive. He’s a funny guy though, so we get along. He’s also a talker.

Yeongkwang is attached at the hip to Alex, but he’s a little more low key. He might be the quietest kid behind Kate, so I don’t know him super well yet. I know one thing: If you ask him about Transformers, he will educate you at length. He goes nuts for Transformers, so that’s a good way to get him into a conversation.

Today, class was good. I like my Friday schedule. I have Show and Tell first, then Language Arts (good because it has a books), Phonics (another book class), Story Time, and Journal. I was afraid no kids would bring anything for Show and Tell, even though I reminded them like 20 times yesterday, but everybody brought something. Yeongkwang of course brought his Optimus Prime toy. Seoa brought like a bag full of yellow things (the theme was bring something your favorite color). Language Arts isn’t exactly exciting, but for some reason with that book most of the students stay fairly on target.

Phonics is less popular with the kids, but today after a couple pages, we played Bingo with some of their phonics words, so that kept them interested in Phonics. Story Time, I just read some books and the last ten minutes was bullshit. The last class of the day is only 25 minutes, and actually really 20 minutes because my co-teacher Julia comes in early to get them ready to leave, so I didn’t even do anything for Journal. Literally nothing. There’s nothing you can do with 5 year olds that they can finish in 20 minutes.

In my first elementary class, we’ve been working one the numbers 1-10 all week. They know how to say them well enough, but they can’t write or spell them (with the exception of one kid) so like 40 minutes of each 80 minute class has been spent on spelling 1-10 and games using spelling. Today we played Bingo and Hangman for awhile. Bingo was 30 minutes itself, because they’d never played Bingo before, had no idea how to fill in a sheet, and some of them didn’t get when I said to color “four” that it meant all the sheets with a four and just started coloring all the squares.

The second half of class we just did classroom words. I wrote them on the board, but I didn’t bother making the kids write them. I just want them to speak and hear them. Next week they get their phonics books (fingers crossed), so after that we’re really gonna be focusing on reading and phonics. In that class, I my co-teacher’s daughter. She’s extremely quiet, but also very bright. I kind of wasn’t expecting that. Not to be mean, but some kids look dumb. Way to beat the odds, kid.

My last class is all 5-6th graders with high level English. I always start with 10-15 minutes of conversation, then work until the break in their grammar books. After words, we finish whatever we haven’t done, then end with more conversation. I’m starting to do vocab words with them that I want them to know. But not bullshit like random verbs or shit they don’t care about. I teach them lots of words I know they want to know. Or the words I use to make fun of them, so they can use them to make fun of each other. Today’s words: pervert, flirt, beggar, and cannibal. Pervert and flirt came up because two boys kept fighting over a phone, so I asked if one was a pervert, then told them to stop flirting. Beggar because one kid was laying on the floor. Cannibal because one made a joke about eating someone else.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot planned this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get more rest than last weekend. There’s a Mardi Gras/birthday party at Dolce, so I’ll definitely be there. Other than that, I have no plans. Just gonna play Saturday by ear. Might stay in Cheonan and keep it quiet.

Now That I’m Older

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Well, I’ve had my first two full days at work. I’m enjoying it so far. The six kindergarten kids I’ve got in the morning are pretty awesome. Understandably, sometimes a little hard to keep on topic, but with kids that young and that much time in the day, sometimes a little distraction time is good. Gotta let them recharge the batteries.

I’m going to take more pictures tomorrow, and then I should have them up probably tomorrow night, unless I end up going out to meet someone. Today, they were being the goddamn cutest things on the planet. After story time, I told them to draw a picture of their favorite animal. Every kid has their own box of crayons, and they just got new boxes, so they’re all like super nice crayons. I said I was jealous and wished I had nice crayons like theirs, so they started joking around with me. They’d tell me to close my eyes, then to open them and they’d put their crayons in front of me as a present, then take it away when I reached for it.

Then, one of the girls, Seoa, told me to close my eyes, and when I opened them, she said my present was her. Eventually like all four of the girls decided they wanted to be my presents and I had all four of them on my lap while they argued over who was the best present. During all of this, the two boys contented themselves with drawing sharks. Nice. Anyway, it was just about the most adorable thing in the world.

Even though they’re in kindergarten, their English level is pretty remarkable. Like, I’d put them on the same level with at least some of my 3rd or 4th graders from Buldang. They’re regular chatterboxes. It’s amazing when you think about it. I mean, they’re all 6 years old and can have a fairly normal conversation in a foreign language. I think that’s so goddamn impressive. The first graders in my first block of the afternoon are considerably lower level. They’re not bad. Maybe a little lower than my average first grader at Buldang, but they also haven’t been working as long. And still, they will surprise me. We’ve learned months of the year, body parts, and counting by tens, and some of the students are already pretty on top of most of the material.

The older students are almost more challenging to keep on track. I want to make that class a little less strict, because they have a high enough level that I think that they’d benefit from more speaking practice, rather than being constantly drilled with book work. I’d say the class ends up being forty minutes of work and forty minutes of bullshitting. Chatting about weekends or whatever. One of the boys is a particularly unmotivated student, so he’ll just strike up any conversation he can think of to keep from doing book work. It’s pretty amusing.

Anyway, my weekend was good. Tiring, though. A friend visited, and I have a weird host complex, so I feel like if I invite someone somewhere, I have to constantly be entertaining them, so I was always trying to figure out how to make sure they were having fun, and as a result got very little rest. Pretty much no sleep all weekend. Even on Sunday, I stayed up late just to watch the Jersey Shore. I’m incorrigible.

Today, I had a fairly good day at work. I rushed to eat some dinner before the language meeting, but after like 20 minutes at the meeting I left. I was just very suddenly not in the mood to be there. I can’t even really figure out why. Nothing really happened. I just sat their drinking coffee. Didn’t start talking to anyone. Then, once I sat their by myself long enough, I no longer even wanted to start talking to people. So I left. Came home and watched a couple movies. Anyway, I was just kind of writing this to waste time before bed. I’ll most likely have a post up tomorrow with pictures from the new school so you can see all the kids.