Now That I’m Older

Well, I’ve had my first two full days at work. I’m enjoying it so far. The six kindergarten kids I’ve got in the morning are pretty awesome. Understandably, sometimes a little hard to keep on topic, but with kids that young and that much time in the day, sometimes a little distraction time is good. Gotta let them recharge the batteries.

I’m going to take more pictures tomorrow, and then I should have them up probably tomorrow night, unless I end up going out to meet someone. Today, they were being the goddamn cutest things on the planet. After story time, I told them to draw a picture of their favorite animal. Every kid has their own box of crayons, and they just got new boxes, so they’re all like super nice crayons. I said I was jealous and wished I had nice crayons like theirs, so they started joking around with me. They’d tell me to close my eyes, then to open them and they’d put their crayons in front of me as a present, then take it away when I reached for it.

Then, one of the girls, Seoa, told me to close my eyes, and when I opened them, she said my present was her. Eventually like all four of the girls decided they wanted to be my presents and I had all four of them on my lap while they argued over who was the best present. During all of this, the two boys contented themselves with drawing sharks. Nice. Anyway, it was just about the most adorable thing in the world.

Even though they’re in kindergarten, their English level is pretty remarkable. Like, I’d put them on the same level with at least some of my 3rd or 4th graders from Buldang. They’re regular chatterboxes. It’s amazing when you think about it. I mean, they’re all 6 years old and can have a fairly normal conversation in a foreign language. I think that’s so goddamn impressive. The first graders in my first block of the afternoon are considerably lower level. They’re not bad. Maybe a little lower than my average first grader at Buldang, but they also haven’t been working as long. And still, they will surprise me. We’ve learned months of the year, body parts, and counting by tens, and some of the students are already pretty on top of most of the material.

The older students are almost more challenging to keep on track. I want to make that class a little less strict, because they have a high enough level that I think that they’d benefit from more speaking practice, rather than being constantly drilled with book work. I’d say the class ends up being forty minutes of work and forty minutes of bullshitting. Chatting about weekends or whatever. One of the boys is a particularly unmotivated student, so he’ll just strike up any conversation he can think of to keep from doing book work. It’s pretty amusing.

Anyway, my weekend was good. Tiring, though. A friend visited, and I have a weird host complex, so I feel like if I invite someone somewhere, I have to constantly be entertaining them, so I was always trying to figure out how to make sure they were having fun, and as a result got very little rest. Pretty much no sleep all weekend. Even on Sunday, I stayed up late just to watch the Jersey Shore. I’m incorrigible.

Today, I had a fairly good day at work. I rushed to eat some dinner before the language meeting, but after like 20 minutes at the meeting I left. I was just very suddenly not in the mood to be there. I can’t even really figure out why. Nothing really happened. I just sat their drinking coffee. Didn’t start talking to anyone. Then, once I sat their by myself long enough, I no longer even wanted to start talking to people. So I left. Came home and watched a couple movies. Anyway, I was just kind of writing this to waste time before bed. I’ll most likely have a post up tomorrow with pictures from the new school so you can see all the kids.


One Response to “Now That I’m Older”

  1. omg – i love this…
    was wondering how your new job was going.
    also wondering how the quake in japan affected south korea – if at all.

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