The Worst Nightmare Ever

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I woke up a whole bunch. Around 6 AM I woke up a full three hours before my alarm and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I don’t know why. Sometimes that just happens to me. Anyway, I somehow manage to get back to sleep, then I had a really bad nightmare. Well, it was really lame, but it had like a really strong effect on me. Anyway, I don’t remember a lot about the dream. I just remember that I was back in the States and I was unemployed. I was really worried about being able to pay my bills.

I worried myself awake and I was still really upset. I think the first thing I thought when I woke up was how I was going to afford rent this month. That’s just about like the worst way to start a day ever. I can say that from experience. I spent the last 4 months in the States unemployed and getting by was extremely hard. Like, every day was a big struggle just trying to find a reason to get up.

Anyway, all that anxiety go brought back up, which quickly combined with other stress I’ve had recently, mostly dealing with the fact that I still haven’t received my final paycheck from my previous boss yet and it’s looking like I may need to hire a lawyer to get it. There’s some other stuff, but it’s all pretty personal, so it’s nothing that really needs to be discussed here.

Anyway, I went to work, and for some reason, I thought it was already Tuesday. I was excited because that would make tomorrow Wednesday and if I got through that day I’d be half done. I think like that a lot. Once I’ve started a work day, I consider it pretty much all over with, so I can begin looking forward to completing the next day, even if it’s still only 10 AM. It makes the week go by faster for me.

Unfortunately, it is only Monday. It wasn’t a bad Monday though. My Monday schedule with kindergarten is pretty easy. Nothing hard or terribly boring so it’s a good way to ease into the week. Also, tomorrow we have our monthly cooking class. It’s just hotdogs. Nothing insane. Still, it’s one less thing where I actually have to do shit. I enjoy that. I’ll make sure to take some pictures. I’m sure the kids will make a hot mess.

My first grade class was pretty routine, except two boys got in a bit of a fight and cried. A kid tried to tell me “Teacher, your name is Monkey.” and whenever this happens, I just play dumb and go “Oh, your name is Monkey? Okay.” Then for a minute or two I call them whatever shit they tried calling me, the other kids laugh, and they learn not to call teacher names. Well, today, one of the boys took it a bit too far making fun of the kid named Monkey, and he started crying, then the crier cracked him pretty good right in the face with a mean right hook.

I separated both the boys, but they were both pretty upset and I was a little worried. First of all, there’s a camera in the room, and even though it wasn’t like I hit the kid myself, it’s probably not a good idea to set an environment where that kind of shit could happen. Still, it’s something I’ve done a lot before and never had that kind of reaction.  Usually the kids take it in stride, and if they are a bit offended by it, I knock it off. Some kids can be really touchy about calling them by something not their name. Anyway, I don’t think it’ll be a big deal.

My last class I kind of cracked down on them right away. I told them that if they spoke Korean they’d get a time out like my 1st graders for five minutes. Not three seconds later when I turn around, one kid spoke Korean, so I put him in timeout outside the class. He ended up staying out there for like 15 minutes. At first he treated it like a joke, so I just let him stay out there until he settled down. Then like two seconds after I kicked him out, another kid spoke Korean, so I made him stand in the corner for like 10 minutes. They think it’s funny at first, but after a couple minutes they get embarrassed. The rest of the class the other students were much better. Haha.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Cooking class should be interesting if nothing else. Then my advanced class in the afternoon has two of my favorite students, so that’ll be nice to see them again. And once I get tomorrow started, it’s practically Wednesday already, and once I finish that, well, I’m already halfway done!

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