Just Another Daejeon Adventure

Well, last was pretty eventful. Oscar’s birthday was last week, and he had to go to Daejeon for an eye appointment anyway, so we decided to make it a small unofficial night out for his birthday. Unfortunately, all of the people we know in Daejeon were otherwise disposed, so it ended up just being a gruesome twosome kind of night. We kind of made a whole day of it because we got there around 2:30 PM. Went to his eye doctor real quick. Tried getting our haircut. I got mine, but the place was busy and I don’t think they understood both of us wanted our haircut, so by the time mine was finished Oscar was sick of waiting and we just left.

I lost my awesome hat on the train. We tried looking for it again in the same place I bought it a couple months ago. No such luck. Harsh. I was never a hat person before, but it kind of became my trademark. It’s starting to get warmer for good finally, but still. Especially when I ride my bike it can get a little chilly. Plus it kept the wind from messing up my hair. I guess now that I cut it that doesn’t matter much, but still. It was a good hat.

Anyway, we just went to a Wa Bar and had a couple beers. Bullshitted. Texted Koreans trying to get them to come out and have fun. No such luck. We had dinner and then hit up the odeng bar that he used to go to a lot when he lived in Daejeon. Actually, it was a new location, much nicer, but the same owner. The owner loves Oscar. Literally three seconds after we sit down, we’re making friends with a group of random Koreans. We drank with two girls and one of their boyfriends for like an hour. When they left, we just turned the other way and started drinking with a group of four college girls.

The only number I got was from the boyfriend of the girl in the first group. The point of going to the odeng bar isn’t necessarily to pick up girls, but mainly just to go do something spontaneous and meet new people, even if you never see them again. We actually tried to get the first group of Koreans to go to a singing room with us, but they were calling it a night or something. I don’t know.

As far as I’m aware, we were only at the odeng bar for like two hours. Still, we drank quite a bit, and the owner didn’t even really count or keep track of how much we drank, so we ended up paying like $9 each for several hours of drinking. Gotta love it. It pays to get in good with the establishment in Korea. They give mad discounts if you’re cool with the owner.

After that, we went to the big party area of Daejeon and went to a pretty popular bar. It’s strange. I’m beginning to dislike foreign bars. I’m starting to prefer Korean style bars. We left after awhile to go find a place to sleep. We finally get to a jjimjilbang and when we tried to go in they wouldn’t let us because we were drunk. It was total bullshit. I go to these places blackout drunk and have never had a problem. We weren’t even that drunk at that point. They were just being pricks because we were foreigners.

We were pretty upset about that. Went to a 24 hour McDonalds to eat and gameplan. Ended up deciding to just go to the train station because it was almost 5 AM and trains would be running soon. After we bought the tickets, we kind of passed out on these benches while we waited since the train wasn’t until like 6 AM. Next thing I know, some old Korean janitor is just straight up yelling at me. I looked around and Oscar was gone. I forgot the exact time of the train, but I thought it would be coming really soon, so I just got on the first train that pulled into the station. Ended up going the wrong way and had to ride 40 minutes to Daegu, completely the opposite way of Cheonan. I was so unhappy.

Fortunately, once I got to Daegu, I only had to wait 20 minutes for the next train to Cheonan. Spent another hour on the train drifting in and out of consciousness. I think if I had fully slept and missed the stop at Cheonan I may have just given up and taken it to Seoul, caught the first bus to the airport and just gone home. There was no way I would buy a third train ticket home. I got home around 9 AM. Slept maybe three hours, but around noon I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m pretty goddamn tired. Second week in a row that I haven’t slept on Saturday night. Not properly at least.

I can’t say that I didn’t have fun or that I regret going to Daejeon. I think next Saturday I may take it easy and stay in town. Actually, I already promised to stay in town next Saturday anyway. During the day some people from the language group are going to some cultural, historic village in Asan. Afterward, one of my Korean friends knows a guy who owns a night club, so we’re going to get a VIP room for free instead of paying like several hundred thousand won.


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