A Wagwak Kind of Weekend

It’s Sunday, which means I’m bored as shit at home with nothing much to do. Have a movie to watch, but I wanna save it until after the language meeting so I can just watch it before I go to bed.

Thursday I had one of the best classes I’ve ever had, and it was because a spontaneous idea I got during class. In the classroom, there’s a feltboard with random works stuck to it with velcro. Beth took one of the words and used the velcro to stick the word to her hair. I ended up making a game out of it. I was reminded of the card game where people stuck cards to their head and had to bet on if people had a higher or lower number than them.

I called it Blind Poker. Each student would have a word stuck to their head and the other students would take turn giving them clues without using the word or any Korean. If a student guessed the word, they got a point, and the person who gave them the clue which helped them guess correctly got a point as well. It went really well and we had a lot of fun. We ended up doing that the entire second 40 minute class instead of book work like I had planned.

Friday wasn’t bad. But I kind of got a lecture about making sure to use all my time with the kindergarten kids. Since it was Friday, I had been going outside in the last 20 minutes, but it had rained on Thursday so I didn’t wanting the kids getting muddy, so I just let them play around in the classroom. Like five minutes before the end of the day, one of the Korean teachers came and told me I had to do work with them. After they went home she talked to me again about it and kind of lectured me about preparing them for school by not letting them sit on my lap and shit like that. I had already been doing that, but still, it seems a little trivial to have to tell me that.

Anyway, got through my first grade class well enough. Nothing real special about it. I finished their book a week and a half ago, but it still hasn’t come in. So I do prepare a fair amount of work for them by just copying shit from books, but I do kind of just fuck around with them a fair amount. I taught them the hand slapping game and thumb wrestling. They taught me a game called Chopsticks you play with your fingers.

In my advanced class, we had a snack party because they did well on a test they had last Friday. I told them they could all bring snacks and drinks and what not to share. I surprised them with some nice Hershey’s ice cream cones that were like 2,000 won a piece. When I said how much they were, they started counting and were like “Oh, teacher, that’s expensive! That’s 14,000 won!” I was just like “Pff, I’m rich. I don’t care.”

Anyway, I got another lecture about not letting the Korean teachers know I was planning on having a party and that it went a little too long. They kind of bugged me to wrap it up quickly. So I just pulled their books out and opened them and told them to keep eating, so at least from the camera’s view it would look like we had our books out and were studying and eating at the same time.

Friday night there was a concert at Banana Bar. The first guy was just a singer/guitar player that was okay. I started talking to him after the show and found out he had lived in Columbus for seven years before he came to Korea. Always nice meeting a hometown boy. The second band kinda sucked. The headliners were two Korean guys. Kind of a Korean White Stripes outfit. Their name is Wagwak. Very cool alt, indie, anti-folk, dance rock. I talked to them a bit after the show as well. Very funny guys. Their catch-phrase is “We’re not gay. We’re just Korean.”

Anyway, Saturday was a much quieter night. Wasn’t really in the mood for any foreign establishments. Most people were busy doing their own thing. Ended up going to the Odeng Bar with two guys, but no wacky hijinx ensued. Just sat and drank for awhile. Called it an early night around 1 AM. Came home and stayed up until 4 AM just wasting time on the Internet. It was nice sleeping in a bed proper after the last two weekends of not sleeping on Saturday night. Didn’t get to sleep in as long as I would’ve liked, but oh well.

Check out some videos of Wagwak:




Check out some recent pics:



2 Responses to “A Wagwak Kind of Weekend”

  1. Just FYI, the youtube links show up as “http://http//” so they don’t work unless I modify the URL

  2. Nice description of the Wagwak guys. Caught part of their show last night on the SuperColorSuper Round Robin tour. They were a high light, definitely, and i don’t just mean the two-tone red and blue leather shoes with the suspender-shorts. Great, great playing, too.
    But, haa, i hadn’t caught that line about not being gay, but can completely imagine them saying it! Completely fits. 態態…

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