Are We Not Having Fun?

Well, I had a pretty… productive weekend. I kind of had a bad week and my only goal for the weekend was to get really, really drunk. Mission accomplished. Friday was spent in Cheonan. I met up with a couple Korean kids (they’re only 18) and had dinner, then went to the Odeng Bar downtown and started drinking soju. Bad news bears. Went to Dolce later and apparently napped for several hours.

Saturday I headed up to Seoul to see the Wagwak show. They were awesome as usual. The rest of the night was blurry. Most of it was spent outside, drinking with random Koreans in the park. I guess we also went to a noraebang, but once again, I napped. Soju really takes the fire out of me. I gotta stop drinking that shit. Anyway, we checked into the jjimjilbang sometime around sunrise. I definitely remember that it was getting light outside.

I slept maybe three hours in the sleeping room. Woke up around 10:30 AM and was about to leave. They keep the sleeping room uncomfortably warm. I walked maybe ten feet out of the room, but the floor looked so cool and refreshing I just laid down on the floor and slept for another hour. Woke up because some Korean dude was vacuuming literally right next to my head. It didn’t even really wake me up itself, except he was like telling me to move so he could clean. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would’ve continued to lay there and not give a fuck.

Took the train home and that’s about it for my day. I’m in the process of uploading all the pics from last night. Check it:


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