Just Another Weekend

Well, another week down the drain. It being Easter and all, Friday we made Easter eggs and had an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, it was raining like a bitch, so we had to do the egg hunt inside, and they only made enough eggs for each kid to find one. It was pretty janky. I did manage to sneak one extra egg and put star stickers all over it, so the kid that found it would get a free piece of candy. I put it in the pencil sharpener’s shavings case. It took them forever to find it. Also, I taped one to the bottom of a chair. They didn’t find it until one of them hit the chair and it fell down because I taped it half-assed.

Of course, Tuesday we had the cooking class. Making the donuts was pretty cool, but I didn’t have much opportunity to take pictures. We did it in the library with Tomato class and I was delegated the job of handing out flour to the kids, so I got a bit messy myself. Still, it was pretty cool. I would’ve loved to make donuts when I was a kid. Shit would’ve been boss.

Anyway, Friday I was tired and needed a rest, so I took a nap after work, then decided to just stay in and take it easy for a night. First time in around a year that I hadn’t gone out and drank. Just watched a movie and stayed in. Nothing much to speak of.

Saturday was a different story. Maybe one of the better Saturday’s I’ve had in Cheonan. Went to several different places, drank but not that much, mostly just had lots of good conversations all night long. Finally decided to call it a night around 6:30 AM. Walked out of the last bar and it was straight up light outside. Ugh. Woke up around 3:30 PM. I should be going to sleep soon. Not sure if I’ll be able to fall asleep, but I guess I have to try. I am a little tired.

Tomorrow I’ve got a big day. Because rain is forecast for Tuesday, they moved the field trip up a day. I heard from someone that recently went to the same place that it was a bit depressing because the conditions the bears live in is significantly lower than the standard we expect for animal care in America, but anyway, I’m going to enjoy the day off essentially. I still have to teach my afternoon classes, but I have good expectations for this trip. I think the kids are really going to like it.

I learned this weekend how much I really like talking about my students. I almost feel like I’m bragging about them sometimes. Actually, I kind of am bragging about them. Especially now that I can whip out my phone and show off all my pictures. Sometimes I worry that I’m becoming tiresome. Especially with all my Facebook status updates about shit in my classes. Actually, there are a lot of people I’ve hidden on Facebook because all their posts and pictures and shit are about their baby and I’m just like “Oh god, I don’t care.” I’m becoming what I’ve always hated.

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2 Responses to “Just Another Weekend”

  1. I like hearing about the kids.

  2. I don’t get bored with that stuff. You always have interesting things to say :).

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