More Pics

This post is mostly just to post some extra pictures I got from work. There were almost 400 total, but it wasn’t my co-teacher’s camera, so most of the pictures were of another class. Still, there were some good ones on there. Keepers for sure.

Last night I had a dream about my old favorite student. I’d thought about my old students before, but dreaming about one felt a little weird. It was a really happy dream. I don’t remember a lot, but I remember I was back in America going up an escalator and saw her going down the other side, so I said her name and she came running up and hugged me. I think we were in a toy store, so we just walked around for awhile. Then we left and went and did other shit. don’t really know what.

I remember thinking something like “Hold on, did I just kidnap this kid? Where the hell are her parents?” The dream felt like it lasted several days, hence the weirdness. I swear, I didn’t dream-nap this kid. She came with me on her own free choice.

Anyway, yeah, it was a pretty happy dream. I miss spending time with her, and that’s all the dream really was. Just hanging out with my favorite kid. Then I woke up and was kind of depressed by it. I mean, I still live in the same city. It’s not impossible that I’ll never run into her again. But yeah, I wouldn’t count on it either. It was kind of a downer.

I’ve thought a lot about her in the context of how I feel about my new students now. I mean, I have a lot of students that I really like now. Plus, especially with my kindergartners, I have a lot more opportunity for fun and doing really awesome bonding experience shit, like the bear park. And my older advanced students are so advanced that one of them is just a shade away from sounding exactly like an American kid.

Still despite that, Arianna was my first favorite student. It’s almost like your first girlfriend in a totally non-pedo way. It’s just that it’s an important milestone for a person. You’re never going to forget that first one, and it’s always going to mean a lot to you. Even though you might move on to better things, that first one is always gonna be number one in your mind. I would feel like I was betraying her if I said that another newer student was my favorite over her. Goddamn. Maybe that is weird.

Nothing really awesome happened today in class. Just a pretty normal day.


One Response to “More Pics”

  1. that is how it goes, colin. i had favorites too. mine were college age, so it was like having favorite friends. sort of. my first favorite was mark pohlad.
    hope you’re doing well.

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