What the Fuck is Hashing?

So, I had myself a bit of an adventure this weekend. A reader that is actually working in Cheonan for my previous boss added me on Facebook. Being new in town, he wanted to meet more people from the area, and I’m always glad to help out. Friday he mentioned meeting a friend of his in Pyeongtaek for a “party” as he put it. So, knowing only this much, we decided to meet up and go together. I’ve recently become a bit bored with Cheonan. Mainly just tired of doing the same things in the same places with the same people every weekend. Just wanted to go out and do something new. Be spontaneous for once. Boy, be careful what you wish for.

We got to Pyeongtaak a bit before 8 PM and met with his friend. One of the first things she says is don’t shake anyone’s hand, we have to follow chalk lines drawn on the ground, and that it’s a running club. I was not informed running would be involved. We met up with the group of people and I learn a bit more about the group. “Hashing” is almost like a game, where one or more people are “hares” lay a trail for people to run and follow, with the general aim of catching the hares before they reach the ending point. Afterward, the group stays together for a night of drinking. There are lots of songs, rules, traditions, special names, etc… Very cool stuff.

Being unprepared, I didn’t run, but just drank all night. It would be impossible to document all of the events of Friday and Saturday night, but it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun. Friday night I cut my arm pretty badly and had to go to the hospital on Saturday. Ended up with seven stitches. Pretty gnarly. Monday I have to go back and get a new bandage. I’m supposed to go every two days for maybe a week.

I also lost my glasses. That was pretty harsh. Especially since I drove to the train station. But I got home all right. Once I got an hour or so into a really bad day it became less terrible and more funny because of the ridiculous circumstance of things. I’m definitely going back to the next Hash, and hopefully run the trail. Maybe not necessarily run the whole way, but at least do it. I guess I’m only getting half the experience if I don’t run the trail with everyone else.

Good weekend though. Going into the weekend I wasn’t sure at all what I would do because none of the options I had in Cheonan were very exciting to me. It was really awesome to get out and do something completely unexpected. I mean, I expected something different but I couldn’t have predicted how differently my weekend would be. Very tiring, but full of adventure. Something that has been lacking lately.

Monday will be a normal work day, but fortunately we’re getting Tuesday off for Buddha’s Birthday. I don’t have plans in particular, other than just sleep in and enjoy some much needed rest.

Also, I’m going to upload some new pictures to Facebook soon, so stay tuned.


One Response to “What the Fuck is Hashing?”

  1. I think it’s great you tried something different. Everyone needs a change everyone in a while for sure. The running part sounds like fun, but were the hares like Speedy Gonzalez?

    [Tapioca Balls!]


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