Good Timing for Vacation

My vacation could not have come at a better time. Friday night I went out for a bit, but I went home around 12 AM so I could get up in time to go to Mudfest. I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 AM and get to the train station. I was the first one at the pension and just walked around on the beach until some other people started showing up. We couldn’t check in until 2 PM, so we took the opportunity to go enjoy the Mudfest festivities. After checking in, we Hashed. I say “we”, but I mean lots of people other than myself. I had enjoyed a few too many libations by that point and decided to sit it out. The rest of the night was really all downhill from there.

Skipping a lot of the night that makes me seem like a degenerate, I finally decided to sleep, but everyone else had already made that decision, so I was left with no blanket or pillow to sleep on the floor with. So I got no sleep. Just pretty much laid down on an uncomfortable ass floor and listened to 29 other people snore. Gave up on sleep around 8:30 AM and got up to start it all over again. There was another Hash I skipped out on. Mostly just sat around eating leftover food from the night before. People started going home around 3 PM, but my train wasn’t leaving until 7:45 PM, so I hung out with a couple late stayers, then finally went home. Got home around 10 PM. Then couldn’t fall asleep. I stayed up until 1 AM, then laid in bed and slept very fitfully, mostly due to soreness.

Monday, I went to Songtan for an On-Out — someone’s going away party. The last official time he’ll be Hashing with us. It’ was a bittersweet kind of night. It was a lot of fun, but he was a rather prominent figure in the Hash and one of the longest Hashers, so we’re certainly going to miss out on a lot without him around. I even got one of the best compliments from someone I’ve had from him last night. As he was giving out some pearls of wisdom while we sat around the bar, he said I was a Hasher.

It might sound a little silly, but that’s kind of a big thing for me at least. As soon as I knew what Hashing was, I considered myself a Hasher. But having someone else that’s been doing it for over ten years, who is so universally liked among the Hashers, and who has put as much time and energy into organizing the kennel, to hear that he includes me as part of the same group is a nice compliment.

That’s one of the best things about Hashing. The people are incredibly welcoming. I never really felt at all that just because I was newer to it that people looked down on me or anything. But I still felt like I had a bit of something to prove. And I’m still pretty new — I’ve only been doing it 2-3 months. I was honestly surprised to learn that some people have a rather high opinion of me — though I’m not sure exactly why. Haha.

Anyway, I’m still in pretty sad shape. It doesn’t help that I went and had my toe fixed at the doctor today. It wasn’t that bad. The worst part was the anesthetic shots directly into my toe. Five in total. But I was thankful for them, because I didn’t feel a goddamn thing he did to my toe after that, other than a bit of pressure. I swear, at some points, I thought my toe was just going to come off as hard as he was pushing on it. Basically, to fix the in-grown toenail, he took a metal piece with some hooks on it — the bar going on top of the toenail and the hooks going under from the side — and pushed it damn near to the cuticle. I’m glad they put a bandage on it, because I don’t even like seeing it. Pretty much the whole nail is bruised now. Once this anesthetic wears off it’s going to hurt like a fucker.

Anyway, I’ve got very rough plans for the next couple days, like shoe shopping in Seoul and lunch with friends, etc… but we’ll see what my toe has to say about that in the coming day or two. The doctor said no running for at least a week. That really sucks. It’s been 5 days since I run. I never thought I’d say it, but I like running. In the gym is not so fun, more of a necessary evil, but definitely running with the Hash really makes the whole thing better. Just sitting around and waiting for everyone to come back kind of blows.


One Response to “Good Timing for Vacation”

  1. You have nothing left to prove are definitely a hasher and we love you! MWAH! Take care of your toe so you can run soon 🙂

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