A Shitty Vacation

Well, my vacation has come and gone. I’m pretty ready for it to be over. Because of my toe, Tuesday through Thursday I barely left the house. It hurt pretty bad and especially when I put on sandal. Also, the rain kept me inside because I didn’t want to get the bandage wet. So I stayed inside almost all day, maybe going out a little bit at night. It really sucked. I used to be a huge homebody, but I can’t do it anymore. If I stay in my apartment alone for too long, I start getting moody and depressed.

Friday I just had a night out on the town in Cheonan. I just went to NV and stayed there until my money ran out, then had a bit of street food and went home. Nothing too crazy. But damn if that food wasn’t good.

Saturday, of course, is a Hashing day. I picked up my Happy Coat — a tradition unique to Asian Hashing, wherein a special coat is purchased with your name, kennel, and seal on it, and the rest of the coat will eventually be filled with patches given out for events, accomplishments, or just the shit of it. Perhaps I’ll get a picture of it some time. I’ve got a good number of patches pinned to it already. I think next weekend I’ll take them to the tailor to have them sewn on.

Luckily, Friday was the first day that my toe didn’t hurt like a bastard, and by Saturday it was feeling pretty normal. Hopefully they’ll take the bandage off soon. I’m really sick of sitting on my toilet to take a shower — so I don’t get the bandage wet. Also hoping that I can start running soon. I haven’t run or worked out in over a week. I can feel it. I’ve been feeling antsy.

Tomorrow, I have to work. It should be interesting doing the summer camp though. Kind of an easy way to get the week started. Should be fun. Starting some new books with my first graders. Watching Lion King on Tuesday and Thursday with my lone student in the last class. Nothing too stressful.


One Response to “A Shitty Vacation”

  1. Hi Colin in Cheonan, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love to see that you’ve found a great school that you enjoy teaching at. I’m hoping to be in Korea soon and have a job offer from ECC Pyeongchon in Anyang but I have no idea what to except and haven’t been able to find info on the school. I doubt you would either but if you do know anything regarding the school I would greatly appreciate it. Keep the blogs coming!

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