I Say “Fuck the Gym”

I’m skipping the gym for the first time in maybe two months or so. I’ve realized in the last week or two how much I really hate going to the gym. Now that I’m getting closer and closer to my target weight, my motivation is dropping. Seems a little counter-intuitive. I guess after losing 3 kg last month, I know I can do it if I really have to, but I also feel like I can slow down just a little bit at least, and I’ll get where I want to go eventually. It’s not like I’m completely sedentary anyway. I’m Hashing Friday night and twice Saturday, so I figure I should about break even.

So, with my free night, I decided to catch up on some TV. Watched me some Breaking Bad and True Blood. Yeah, True Blood. I know I’m gay. I’ve also started getting back into The Wire. I watched the second season over the past three days. Just started the third season right before bed last night. Really good show.

Later tonight I’m going to movie night of course. It’s the “last” one, due to two of the main dudes leaving soon-ish. I’m thinking of taking it over. It’s not like it would take a lot of time and energy to download a movie a week and send out a Facebook invite. Also, it’s someone’s birthday and one week going away party, since they’re visiting Canada. I don’t know how people spend the money for a round trip ticket to the Western hemisphere for just a week. I guess they got the money to spend. Not like I don’t.

Actually, this has been one of the most expensive months in a long time. Probably since I bought my scooter. And definitely more expensive. It was $600 for my ticket to China, $200 for the Chinese visa (for three days, ugh), $150 for two pairs of shorts, $130 for some new shoes and sandals. GOT DAY-UMN. It’s nice that I can have this kind of month and still be like “Oh, no biggie, drop in the bucket.” Definitely a first for me. Things were not nearly as easy for me growing up. Or shit, even in my adult life before Korea.

I’m expecting September to be fairly expensive. Probably not quite as much as this month ,but still pretty pricey. The second week of September is when I’ll be in China. I’m only there for a couple days, but I’ll probably take a couple hundred dollars. Just, you know, for whatever. It’ll be better to go over with too much than too little. I need money for gifts and what not.  Don’t want to be concerned about living on a budget, even if it’s only for a day or two. Then, probably the weekend after I come back, I’m gonna go buy myself a new wardrobe.

I did already buy some new shorts, but I’m gonna need jeans, which I’m fairly willing to spend a good amount of money on. Shirts can be gotten for cheaper. Probably going to get another pair of sneakers for casual wear, maybe even some nice “dress casual” shoes should I ever find myself in a khaki kind of situation. Gonna go the whole nine yards and get new socks, underwear, and belt. I’ve noticed particularly with one pair of pants, the belt rides in a spot that really grinds up against my hip bones. It’s a unique problem I’ve never had before. It’s uncomfortable as hell.

There’s not a ton left to say. My life is incredibly boring during the week. Monday through Thursday, for the most part, it’s get up, go to work, eat dinner, go to the gym, watch TV at home, go to sleep. Rinse, repeat. It might be part of why I hate the gym so much right now. Two months ago, I only went three days a week, so I could afford myself a modest social life during the week. Now I’m pretty isolated other than work. More and more in the past year I’ve been becoming the type of person that can’t spend too much time alone without falling into a rut of some kind. I don’t mean it to sound like I’m co-dependent or anything. I just can’t handle Friday and Saturday being the only times I go out and have fun and relax.

Oh, the only other thing lately has been all the bullshit I’ve had to go through to get my Chinese visa taken care of. First, I forgot paperwork at home. Then my friend forgot hers when she went to drop it off at the travel agent’s. Then we found out we need passport photos, which I didn’t submit. So I go to a place to get it done, but they tell me that I can’t get a passport photo because I’m not wearing a jacket (despite the fact that I told them I’m not applying for a Korean passport, just a Chinese visa). Then they were worried about my shirt being the same color as the backdrop, so they had to digitally edit it. Then there was some bullshit about only having so long on my visa in Korea, so I needed special permission for a visa to China, but the place is only open during my working hours, so I had to have my boss go for me, which added even more paperwork. One thing after the fucking other.

Anyway, I think it’s all good now. I’m done complaining. But it would be nice, next year no matter what, to have a job that would afford me time to run my own personal business errands during the day.


One Response to “I Say “Fuck the Gym””

  1. hey

    i also need a visa and was wondering what travel agent you used, and if its in Cheonan? Any contact info or directions would be appreciated!

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