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Back on the Wagon

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2011 by kingcal

Well, this weekend was a long, and much needed one. There was a three day series of concerts in Cheonan, a going away party in Bucheon, and a much needed trip to Itaewon for shoes. Friday I went to Banana Bar to catch the first night of the shows. The bands were all right. Two in particular were pretty good. One was a two piece girl group. The lead singer looked exactly like Johnny Depp in the movie Benny and Joon. I was compelled to actually tell her this. I was kind of proud of myself for that. Especially since I wasn’t drunk. In general though, I’m not the best at cold approaches, and doing it entirely in Korean, that was enough to make me feel accomplished for the evening. Didn’t drink much because I drank way too much last weekend, and I was starting to feel like a degenerate, so I took it easy.

Saturday I woke up at the good Christian hour of 11 AM and went to the gym. There were a grand total of three people there. It was strange. I liked it though. No waiting for anything. I wish I could go there on the dead times more often. It’s usually packed by the time I get there after work. I hadn’t been to the gym for nearly three weeks before I got back into it, and it is very evident. I weighed myself, and I actually still lost a little over a kilo in three weeks with only very minimal running, but I’m also lifting way below the level I was at before I went to China. So this is the second week back in the gym, and I’m already feeling better. Slowly getting back to the rhythm I was in before I took the hiatus. Nothing extreme, but visible improvement over last weeks, so it’s nice to see such immediate results.

Anyway, Saturday night I headed to Dolce for the second night of the concert series. I overestimated people’s enthusiasm for the show and showed up at the proclaimed start time, and was one of very few people there. Most people showed up during the second or third band, but since there were like seven, it wasn’t a big deal. Anyway, the line-up was fantastic. Seoul City Suicides were good. Two bands I’d never heard of but fully enjoyed were Kachisan and Midnight Smoke and Drive. Of course, my favorite band played last, but they were fucking awesome. Black Leather Lagoon. Great image, great stage presence, lots of fun. If you get the chance, check out any of the above bands.

Anyway, after like 5 hours of rock’n’roll, my ears were pretty shot. Spent most of Sunday with a constant ring in them, but I headed to Bucheon for the going away party. They were having a trivia night, and I don’t want to blow my own horn or nothing, but had the hosts not essentially given up and just started throwing prizes into the crowd, I feel like my team would’ve run away with it, largely on the science and, erm, sexual deviance rounds that I completely dominated. It was a pretty late night. Stayed up until 6 AM, then got up around 11 AM. Bummed around a bit waiting for other people to get out of bed, then headed to Seoul.

We all headed to Itaewon for lunch. Found a really good Indian buffet place. Little pricey, but still, damn good food. After that I split off from the group and bought some new shoes. I looked in like five stores, but only found one pair that I liked and would fit. Even in Itaewon, finding shows can be a bit of a hassle. Most stores have large enough shoes, but the selection isn’t that great, and even if I do see something I like, often times they’re out of stock for my size. Anyway, I’m still pretty happy with the shoes I got. They’re pretty pimpin’, I must say.

Took me until about 9 PM to get home Monday night. Obviously didn’t do much then. It was a really great weekend for me. I’d been doing the same thing every weekend for months, so I needed a change of pace. I wouldn’t say I’m burnt out on Hashing, but I’ve recently realized that lots of other aspects of my social life are suffering. There are people I haven’t seen and places I haven’t gone since I started Hashing, because I made it a priority. For other people, it’s not as big an issue. They live in that area, so most of their friends do as well. They’re military, so they’re here for ostensibly less time, and probably don’t have as many contacts in as many places as I have accrued in the past 18, going on 19, months. I don’t really feel comfortable basically saying that some new thing I’m doing is more important than the people I’ve known for a lot longer. It doesn’t mean I’m stopping Hashing either. I just need to find a better balance. I especially miss going out of Cheonan. I pretty much hadn’t left Cheonan since I started Hashing.

Anyway, today we had September’s field trip, which was postponed because of weather concerns, to a chestnut farm. It wasn’t exactly exciting, but it was nice to walk along a nice shady path of trees for awhile. It’s always nice to get out of the classroom, regardless. We hadn’t been on a field trip in awhile because of our summer vacation, and then the August “field trip” being a trip to a lawn pool on the playground. We have October’s field trip on the 10th. We’re going all the way to Yongin for a Korean folk village, which is from what I hear pretty cool. It should be an all day trip, which is even better. Our last all day trip was a blast.

I have a strong sensation that tomorrow is going to suck in a big way. First of all, I just don’t like Wednesdays. They’re almost worse than Mondays. Second, I’m going to go on my first morning run tomorrow morning. The construction crew outside my window has stepped up their game to 7 AM in the morning with hammers and power saws. Even with my mp3 player playing music in my earbuds, I can’t get back asleep. It’s awful. So, I decided I may as well just go to bed earlier, then take the unwelcome wake up call as an opportunity to do something productive, rather than just lie in bed and hate the world for two hours until my alarm goes off. So I’ll probably be fucking exhausted all day.