About Me

I graduated from The Ohio State University in June of ’09 with a BA in English. As of March 2010, I’ll be be in Cheonan, South Korea teaching English for a year. This blog is a way for me to chronicle everything about that year. Stuff about the job, the friends I make, Korean culture and current events, etc… This is going to start as a friends and family blog, but I’m eventually hoping to reach out to other bloggers in South Korea who’re teaching to network a little.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Colin,

    What’s up man. My name is James and I am an American teacher from Tennessee. I live 15 mins from Cheonan in Asan City. Love the pics and blog info. If possible could you help with a question. Do you know of any eyeglass/contacts shops near Yawoori. I am in desperate need of new contacts. Thanks and good to meet you.


  2. Lee White Says:

    Hi Colin!

    I just want to thank you for such an in-depth, thoughtful blog. My husband and I taught English in Busan in 2006. We have a friend who plans to teach in Daegu this year, and we’ve been trying to give her good pointers, but many details about life in Korea have faded… I searched for something about Korea, I forget what now, but it brought me to your blog. You’re providing a valuable service! I forwarded my friend a link to your site with instructions to read everything. Your tales of trials with schools, lack of teaching materials, and unruly kids are more descriptive than I have managed to be.

    Your blog is also making me wish I could do Korea all over again, only properly this time. I never learned to say much more than “two beers please”. What an idiot. Korea is awesome.

    Thanks again!

    Lee White

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