Good Timing for Vacation

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My vacation could not have come at a better time. Friday night I went out for a bit, but I went home around 12 AM so I could get up in time to go to Mudfest. I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 AM and get to the train station. I was the first one at the pension and just walked around on the beach until some other people started showing up. We couldn’t check in until 2 PM, so we took the opportunity to go enjoy the Mudfest festivities. After checking in, we Hashed. I say “we”, but I mean lots of people other than myself. I had enjoyed a few too many libations by that point and decided to sit it out. The rest of the night was really all downhill from there.

Skipping a lot of the night that makes me seem like a degenerate, I finally decided to sleep, but everyone else had already made that decision, so I was left with no blanket or pillow to sleep on the floor with. So I got no sleep. Just pretty much laid down on an uncomfortable ass floor and listened to 29 other people snore. Gave up on sleep around 8:30 AM and got up to start it all over again. There was another Hash I skipped out on. Mostly just sat around eating leftover food from the night before. People started going home around 3 PM, but my train wasn’t leaving until 7:45 PM, so I hung out with a couple late stayers, then finally went home. Got home around 10 PM. Then couldn’t fall asleep. I stayed up until 1 AM, then laid in bed and slept very fitfully, mostly due to soreness.

Monday, I went to Songtan for an On-Out — someone’s going away party. The last official time he’ll be Hashing with us. It’ was a bittersweet kind of night. It was a lot of fun, but he was a rather prominent figure in the Hash and one of the longest Hashers, so we’re certainly going to miss out on a lot without him around. I even got one of the best compliments from someone I’ve had from him last night. As he was giving out some pearls of wisdom while we sat around the bar, he said I was a Hasher.

It might sound a little silly, but that’s kind of a big thing for me at least. As soon as I knew what Hashing was, I considered myself a Hasher. But having someone else that’s been doing it for over ten years, who is so universally liked among the Hashers, and who has put as much time and energy into organizing the kennel, to hear that he includes me as part of the same group is a nice compliment.

That’s one of the best things about Hashing. The people are incredibly welcoming. I never really felt at all that just because I was newer to it that people looked down on me or anything. But I still felt like I had a bit of something to prove. And I’m still pretty new — I’ve only been doing it 2-3 months. I was honestly surprised to learn that some people have a rather high opinion of me — though I’m not sure exactly why. Haha.

Anyway, I’m still in pretty sad shape. It doesn’t help that I went and had my toe fixed at the doctor today. It wasn’t that bad. The worst part was the anesthetic shots directly into my toe. Five in total. But I was thankful for them, because I didn’t feel a goddamn thing he did to my toe after that, other than a bit of pressure. I swear, at some points, I thought my toe was just going to come off as hard as he was pushing on it. Basically, to fix the in-grown toenail, he took a metal piece with some hooks on it — the bar going on top of the toenail and the hooks going under from the side — and pushed it damn near to the cuticle. I’m glad they put a bandage on it, because I don’t even like seeing it. Pretty much the whole nail is bruised now. Once this anesthetic wears off it’s going to hurt like a fucker.

Anyway, I’ve got very rough plans for the next couple days, like shoe shopping in Seoul and lunch with friends, etc… but we’ll see what my toe has to say about that in the coming day or two. The doctor said no running for at least a week. That really sucks. It’s been 5 days since I run. I never thought I’d say it, but I like running. In the gym is not so fun, more of a necessary evil, but definitely running with the Hash really makes the whole thing better. Just sitting around and waiting for everyone to come back kind of blows.


Two More Days…

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Well everyone, your faithfully inconsistent blogger is back. More and more recently I’ve been unable to keep even a meek schedule of blogging once a week. It’s mainly because of the gym. Typically I work out Monday  through Thursday, and I usually get home around 10 PM. At that point all I want to do is veg out and sit on the computer without taking the energy to type anything. Then Friday is generally spent out and about town, while Saturday is reserved for Hashing and Hashing-related activities (read: heavy drinking). Sunday, being the Lord’s Sabbath, is a day of rest for me. I’m generally too sore from running the day before to do much of anything.

Tomorrow is Reckoning Day for me. At the gym anyway. It marks week 10 since I’ve started working out. It’s also my second monthly test. My trainer challenged me to lose 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) in-between my monthly tests. I’m only doing it every five weeks because it just so happened my first monthly test, so I may as well give myself the same time to lose more weight than I did in the last period. Like two weeks ago I stepped on a different scale at the gym and it said in three weeks I had only lost .5 kilos, which really disappointed me, considering I’d been working my ass off in the gym as well as going out of my way to diet a bit, to boot. Someone suggested it may have just been adding muscle while losing weight, which it could be. I weighed myself at home and it had me down like 4 kilos from 5 weeks ago, but it’s also terribly inconsistent, so I can’t trust it.

Anyway, I’ve got two more days before my vacation. I’m trying to not think about it too much. I probably won’t be going out, for very long at least, Friday night, because I have to wake up early on Saturday and go to Mudfest. The Hashers are invading and going Hashing then having a wild ole time. Monday I’ll probably be Hashing again for someone’s last Hash with our group. Tuesday I’m getting my ingrown toenail taken care of. That may mean no running for awhile, which sucks. Also means I probably won’t be traveling.

Instead, I’ll be using the vacation to pamper myself. I’ll probably go to Seoul and buy several new pairs of shoes. The two I have now are a bit old and beat up, not to mention musty as hell from three solid weeks of rain. I’m also considering buying a new computer. My little netbook is reaching it’s last legs. It’s been pretty slow for awhile, but the C key started sticking and when I tried fiddling with it, it popped off and it’s goddamn impossible to get it back on. I can type all right just pressing the bare sensor, but it looks ghetto as hell. I suppose a $300 computer can only take you so far. The good news is that at least I get paid this Friday. They pay early when holidays or vacations fall on payday. Score.

The week after vacation won’t be so bad. We have elementary classes like regular all week, but for the first three days we have a “summer camp”. They’re basically the kindergarten kids (read: parents) who want more practice. Only 1-2 kids per class. I think I did a pretty good job of planning three interesting things. Each day has it’s theme — Outer Space, Myth and Magic, and Science — and I’ve got some fun little activities planned for each.

I’m also pretty astounded by my first graders. They’ve gone from zero to almost no reading skill to reading 3-5 letter words including the most common long vowel sounds in just two months. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you teach a kid how to read, you realize how fucking hard it is, even on the simple level, because English has about a million rules and exceptions. Shit you don’t even think about, like short O having a different sound in front of a G, or the dual long U sound (June vs mule). I’m really proud of them all. I can give them any basic word, and using the rules they know, they can sound it out. Next is just learning consonant digraphs, but that’s really just putting consonant sounds together, so I think that will go pretty fast.

Anyway, just gotta power through the rest of the week, then I’m free for nine days. Just two more days!

A Going Away (of Sorts)

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I had a good weekend. Friday I went Hashing in Pyeongtaek. I lost the umbrella that Alex gave me for teacher’s day. I was a little pissed about that. It was really nice. I left it on the train. I was sitting right between two people and neither of them said a goddamn thing. That made it even worse. One guy looked straight at me while I was waiting for the doors to open. In general, losing things in Korea isn’t a big deal because you can just go back wherever you left it and no one will have touched it. But no one goes out of their way to help you with shit you leave behind either. I guess it goes both ways. So it goes.

Hashing in the rain is a lot of fun. Once you step in that first puddle and get your feet completely wet, it’s a lot less uncomfortable. But the first minute or two while you’re still relatively dry, that feeling of “Oh god, I’m getting wet and there’s nothing I can do” is pretty bad. Ended up going to Songtan instead of coming back to Cheonan Friday night. Luckily I had a couch to crash on, instead of paying for a hotel.

Anyway, yesterday was a going away party of sorts in Hongdae. A friend of mine is going on vacation to Thailand, so he wanted to have a send off shindig before he leaves for a couple weeks. I got there around 7ish. Chilled in the park a bit watching a silent disco. They hand out/rent earphones turned into a frequency that a live DJ is playing on outside. It’s a cool idea, but it’s a little annoying if you’re not taking part in it. I’ve heard it’s fun if you have the headphones though.

We hit up Exit Bar for a rock show. Couple friends started up a band called The Getaway Sticks. Good shit. Actually, the sound at Bar Exit pretty much blows, but they sound good in Cheonan. Check ’em out if you’re in Cheonan. After the show, I tooled around with a group, club hopping. Lots of dancing happened. Soju and tequila make all things possible. It’s strange when you see change in yourself. It’s not like I expect to stay exactly the same forever. But when you look back and realize “Man, I never did this before,” it’s a little strange.

Anyway, I ended up staying out all night. Coming out of the club and seeing the sun is a complicated feeling. Part “Oh yeah” part “fuck”. Caught a train home at like 6:30 AM and gave my friend a ride home. It was his first time on a scooter. Giving people a ride on a scooter is always entertaining. Everyone rides differently. People who are familiar are the easiest to give a ride because they know how to stay out of my way so I can see when I look over my shoulder and they don’t lean on you too hard, but newbies are fun in their own way.

I napped until about 2 PM and then got my day started. Went and bought some new earphones since I lost mine last night at some point. Had dinner at the awesome Chinese place with a friend. I’m currently listening to George Thorogood and re-reading my favorite web comic — Achewood. So good.

Anyway, my last thing worth mentioning is how much I’ve come to enjoy watching Korean TV. Korean TV is incredibly easy to follow without sound, as long as your can read Korean. Almost everything anyone says is matched with sub-titles. There’s also lots of extra shit they write all over for humor or information. I watch TV when I eat out and at the gym, and both places there’s no sound, but I can still follow everything. The last thing I watched was something called “I Love Pet”. Kind of just a show about people and their pets. They come to your house and interview the people about their pets. This particular show had a segment about a cat that likes fire. Particularly from scented candles.

So the whole thing was about this cat literally putting his paws on the flame and then licking his toes. They did experiments like putting fish on a table next to the candle to see if he’d rather play with fire or eat fish. He chose fire. They tried using unscented candles and lighters to see if he had a preference. They tried seeing if the other cats liked fire too — they did not. It was goddamn hysterical. I was running on a treadmill giggling like an asshole.

Anyway, it’s going to be a long week. Saturday I get named at the Hash in Songtan. I’m also Haring (laying the trail), so that’s gonna be cool. That’s gonna be an event. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to make the whole week go so slow. Then next weekend my vacation starts. I think I’m passing on Malaysia and staying in Korea instead. I’m considering traveling to Jeju Island and hike Halla-san, Korea’s tallest mountain. Today a friend asked if I’d like to travel to China over Korean Thanksgiving — Chuseok — and I gave a tentative yes.

Rainy Days Ahead

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Well, as the students have told me from what they gathered from the news, the rainy season is here. I was originally told last year the rainy season started in late July. It didn’t hit until mid-August. Now it’s a month early. Korean weather is worse than Ohio. Honestly.

I’ve been mad busy. Last Friday I went to Seoul to meet some people. Had a nice dinner then went clubbing. Came back to Cheonan on Saturday and bummed around a bit before meeting some people in the park for a bit of outside drinking (seriously, why is drinking outside not legal in America?) and then headed to a bar for awhile, where we continued to drink mostly outside. Met an old Korean friend I hadn’t seen in like over 6 months there, so it was good to see him again.

Last Thursday I did my monthly test at the gym. I lost 2 kg, which I was initially pretty pleased with. Apparently this was not good enough. The trainer was kind of giving me shit for only losing 2 kg, asking me about what I’d been doing in the gym (exactly what he told me), my diet (98% Korean food), and my drinking (a lot). He ended up telling me I need to exercise harder and drink less. From what I’ve heard, the electric machines are notoriously inaccurate, but still, it’s not bad advice in and of itself. So I’ve gone to the gym the past five days in a row, doing higher weights, more reps, and staying on the treadmill longer. Haven’t had a drink since Saturday. I don’t normally drink much during the week, but sometimes if I meet a friend for dinner I have a beer or two, and I suppose those add up as well.

I’m making a goal of 85 kg in the next 2-3 months. I think it’s fairly doable, certainly by September. When I get there I plan on treating myself to a clothes shopping spree. Already all my clothes are like… pretty goddamn big on me. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. I need pretty much a full wardrobe.

Though, one thing I’ve always kind of been afraid of about getting into shape is starting to happen. I think I’m becoming a bit more conceited. Before I always hated being in pictures or looking in a mirror, because I didn’t like what I saw, but now I’m taking any opportunity to jump into a picture or check myself out in a mirror like “Damn he’s fine.” No lie, two days ago I literally stood in front of a mirror and flexed my calves for like 5 minutes. Having some self-confidence and -esteem is nice for once, but I don’t want to get carried away.

The only other real notable thing this week so far was my open class yesterday. From the seven students I have, seven moms came and four dads came. I was super stressed about it. We spent like two weeks practicing the stuff, but kids are so unpredictable in these kind of situations. Behavior-wise they were great. Nobody acting a fool. But at the beginning they were a bit quiet and weren’t speaking in full sentences, which is like one of the big selling points of the school. They’re not just teaching kids to read, but to actually verbally communicate with a native speaker. By the end they were getting better and better, and we played a spelling game for a couple minutes at the end that went pretty well.

The only catch was one student. She’s easily the lowest level, and everyone at the school was worried about how she’d do. I guess her mother has been thinking of pulling her from the school for awhile. During most of the class she was quiet, and when the other kids were speaking, she just mumbled along a step or so behind. I thought she did very well on the spelling game, but that probably wasn’t enough. She wasn’t in school today. I think she might be leaving.

I take students leaving very personally. I really, really tried my best to help her, and she was definitely showing improvement. But to be honest, not having her there today made the class way easier. I feel a bit bad saying it, but holding her hand through everything really slowed the whole class down. Maybe it would be best for her to go to a less intense school and start some of the phonics all over again from scratch.

Well, like the title says, it’s apparently the rainy season now. I drove to work all right, but it poured all goddamn day. Got soaked on the ride home. Decided to bus it to the gym tonight, which makes the whole journey take much, much longer than usual. So I’m skipping my normal Thursday routine of pool and movie nights to write this and maybe study a bit of Korean. Guess I better stop procrastinating and get to it.

Lost in the Supermarket

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This title has no bearing on recent events. Just listening to The Clash.

Today was a really good day. During the first class today, I was going through the rundown of how to make a pizza for our monthly cooking class, and I said to be careful around the oven, because ovens are hot. Yeongkwang piped up with “Yes, hot, but Arf in, more hot.” After a little Pictionary on the board, I figured out he was trying to say Earth. And yes, the core of the Earth is hotter than an oven. So this sparked and impromptu lesson on our solar system because I was curious about what else they knew.

Cooking class was cool. Just making simple little pizzas on pieces of bread. Nothing too special, but the kids enjoyed it. I think Mia is a very picky eater. She gave me her pizza, because she said pizza makes her throw up. She also can’t eat ramen because of the same reason. After cooking class we colored dinosaurs and cut them out then folded them so they could stand. Pretty awesome pre-lunch day.

After lunch I had story time with Tomato class. I read them a story then we wrote our own and they wrote it down. After that, my last 25 minute class I just made some dinosaur trading cards with my class. I’m pretty sure my kids didn’t learn a single thing today. Not from me at least. Maybe they learned something in Math class with Shannon.

My elementary class continued basic phonics work. We read a short story and played Bingo with the words they had difficulty with. I had three kids cry. One just as class started. Then when I asked him who made him cry, when I kicked that kid out of class, he started crying. He’s generally a good kid, but he’s been getting a ‘tude lately. During Bingo, Chloe, my co-teacher’s daughter cried, because she couldn’t find a word and I wouldn’t help her. I felt bad because I couldn’t explain that if I saw her sheet, I wouldn’t be able to pick Bingo words. I ended up just getting another kid to help her find it.

My last class we just did some reading about a survey done with young Americans to find out what they’re looking for in a spouse. Great reading with two pre-teen girls.

Beth: Teacher, in America, are you handsome?
Me: Uh… I don’t know. Why?
Salad: Dorothy said she thinks you’re very, very, very, very, very, very handsome.
Me: Haha, that’s good to know.

After that was a quick bit of grammar and then we watched an episode of Adventure Time. If you don’t know, it’s one of the few cartoons worth watching recently. I think it’s just about the right level for the girls. It’s fairly simple, but some vocab words like “righteous” they don’t understand, but I’m pretty sure they follow everything well enough contextually to get something out of it. And it’s got lots of subtle jokes for older people, so it’s definitely worth a watch. I was sold right away when I heard Bender from Futurama was the voice of a character on the show.

The only kind of bad thing came right as I was leaving for work. I was stopped by the owner’s wife who was talking to me about one of my students. We’re having an open class for parents to watch soon. They’re worried about my lowest student. They talked to her mom on the phone and she cries every morning before school. She asks why she has to learn English. That’s the worst. There’s all this pressure on these kids to learn English, but the kids don’t even understand why. What can the parents even say? So you can get a good job? They’re 5 years old. They don’t even realize what jobs are yet. Most don’t have their “I want to be a… when I grow up” down yet.

She says she gets stressed because I take away checks for not doing homework. For one, I started this like… last week. Two, when I did use it for Show and Tell, the girl actually brought something and participated for the first time in weeks. They suggested I just leave her alone and don’t hold her to the same standard as everyone else, but I can’t see this improving anything at all. It’s going to make the other students ask a lot of questions and draw more attention to it. I’ve seen a bit of improvement in her phonics. She knows individual letter sounds, she just has a hard time blending them. And she’s afraid to be wrong, so she often just says “I don’t know” rather than try.

On a completely different note, I think I’ve recently noted some maturing in myself.  Guess I’m just getting older. Recently, things I’ve learned about myself and seen in others, which would’ve been much more upsetting to me before, I’m just better at getting over. I realized I could be making excuses and double standards, rather than actually accepting the reality of “life is not black and white and shit is complicated”, because I think if I observe something within myself or a friend, I’m naturally inclined to be a bit more forgiving than if it was a stranger because of the naturally positive light I already see them in, but then again, isn’t everyone the same way?

A Rather Expensive Weekend

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Well, this weekend had it’s ups and downs. To start with, it was a three day weekend. Monday is Memorial Day in Korea, so no school today. I needed the rest, too. Friday I went to Pyeongtaek to hang out with a Korean friend, but I came back before midnight and went to Dolce. I was probably the only person there not around 40. Ended up getting drunk enough to do noraebang in the bar. And if you know me, you know how I refuse to sing. Good times, though. I distinctly remember singing “Zombies” by The Cranberries.

Saturday, I went to Songtan to go hashing. I had already decided that I was actually going to do the running trail. We also had visitors from Kuala Lumpur, where the originally hash group started in 1938. They were all Malaysians in their mid 50s to 60s. But they were awesome people. I mentioned I had a vacation coming up at the end of July and they invited me to Malaysia and said they’d take care of me and I could go hashing with them. I don’t know what “take care of” means exactly. I don’t know if they’d put me up so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel or something, but they were extremely kind people. Really fun.

The trail was good, too. About 5K from what someone with a fancy schmancy runner’s watch told me. It went through hill and dale and up construction walls. Climbing the 50 foot wall was pretty fun. And sliding down the 45 degree slope to get down was interesting. A couple people biffed it there.I nearly lost it myself. I was surprised by my ability to keep up with the more experienced runners. I actually finished about 5th out of maybe 20 people. Afterwards, we just went back to Songtan (the trail actually took us to the subway station and had us go four stops) and drank all night.

Saturday two people got their hash names, which was an interesting process. They were subjected to all kinds of personal questions, and any clever name you could think of you’d quietly tell to someone writing it down. After all the questions and stories, the namees left and we voted on names by round of applause. It was pretty funny. After all the events were taken care of, we just spent the night drinking at bars in Songtan. It was all right. Nothing of any particular note though.

Sunday afternoon, I came back to find my bike missing from Dujeong station. I was upset, but there wasn’t anything I could really do about it. It didn’t even have a license plate, and there’s a chance that I’m driving illegally without a license, so I coudln’t really call the cops or anything. Kind of reserved myself to buying a new bike whenever possible and biting the bullet and going back to the bus for awhile.

I went to the gym, but as soon as I started working out, my muscles were like “aw, hell naw” and wouldn’t work. I was just too tired. Not strength at all. And I felt like throwing up. I think some Thai food I had in Songtan is doing a tune up job on my insides right now. After about half of my normal work out, I just gave up and went home. I felt super shitty. Super tired, super sore, super sick. Didn’t do much the rest of the day besides watch a movie.

Today, I didn’t do much either. I went to see the new X-Men movie with a friend. On the way, I saw my bike parked not far from where I had left it. After the movie, I went back and checked it out. They had opened up the steering column and fucked it up pretty bad. I pushed it to a bike shop near my house and they took a look at it. It’s about $330 to fix like five parts on the bike. They really fucked it up. They didn’t appear to steal anything, which just makes it more confusing. Like they just wanted to vandalize the bike. Ugh.

Still, I should be positive about it. First of all, I’m really lucky to have found my bike at all. It’s certainly easier to fix a bike for $330 than it is to buy a new one for $1000. Also, the simple fact that I’m financially stable enough to have the extra $330 around for unexpected costs like this is great. At any other point in my life, these $330 would have been really hard to come by. So I guess I should be thankful for the little things.

A Beach Weekend

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Well, I haven’t written in awhile. Mainly because of going to the gym. I go 3-4 days a week and the total time it takes driving there, working out, and coming back is about 2 hours. After working out, I’m too tired to do more than just lay around watching a movie or maybe get on Reddit. The days I don’t go, I feel an obligation to go out and see people now that my free time is a bit more sparse during the week. I’ve only been doing it about 2.5 weeks now, but I think I’m already seeing results. I can actually see bones in my chest. It’s been a pretty long time since I could say that.

Last weekend I spent in Songtan with the Hashers. It was a good time. Kind of bittersweet. It was a joint house-warming and farewell party weekend. I didn’t know the guy well obviously, but he seemed nice in the small bit I did talk to him. Seems like a lot of people will miss him. The next day, I go to go onto the Air Force base in Songtan, which was surreal. We got checked in and took a taxi past schools and department stores. Everything was three shades of baby shit brown, but other than that, it looked exactly like America. Even the landscaping. We got legit American breakfast at a diner, and they gave me change back in American money. So weird.

My work week was largely uninteresting. The only thing worth mentioning is that on Thursday and Friday we had speech contests with our afternoon classes. They were pretty routine, but it was a nice way to waste a period of time not teaching. Beth, my best student, did a great speech. She said she wanted to be a hero when she grew up and her super powers would be doing push-ups and telekinesis. She demonstrated by doing all of three push-ups, then used her telekinesis on another student from class. It was pretty funny.  She’s definitely getting something.

This weekend I went with five friends to the east coast, to a city literally called East Sea. It was just a fun time at the beach. The weather was a little cool, and we had the beach mostly to ourselves. The highlight of the night was running into a couple with a little girl about the age of my students. She was mentally handicapped and we had fun playing with her. I think I quite easily spent the most time playing with her one-on-one after the other guys got distracted by other stuff. Her mom called me “uncle” (which was really touching) and her dad bought some fireworks for u to shoot off. It was a lot of fun. I don’t know if something like that would happen in the States. Especially since the kid and I would just kind of wander a good distance away on the beach to explore. I don’t think parents in the States would be comfortable with that. Especially with a disabled child. Koreans can be incredibly trusting of strangers.

Soon after that, though, I called it a night. I don’t know what happened, but for whatever reason, I got turned into my moody, introspective drunk self and decided to just go to bed. Not really because I was tired, but I just wanted to be by myself. My phone tells me that this must have happened sometime before 11 PM. Pretty goddamn early. Everyone else came in around 6:30 AM after the sun came up. I had planned on doing that, but I guess it was cloudy and rather unimpressive, so no great loss. I ended up laying in bed (read: the floor) until around 11:30 AM when I got up and decided to have some instant noodles for breakfast.

We left the beach a little before one and started the bus trips home. The first leg was about 40 minutes to a nearby city with a bigger bus terminal. From there it was what should have been a 3 hour ride back to Cheonan, but because of traffic, it took a little over 4 hours. I couldn’t sleep at all on the bus, either. Mostly just tried to sleep to no avail. Though at the one rest stop we made, I bought dinosaur stickers for class and a dinosaur comic book for reading material for me. Gonna learn some Korean dinosaur vocab.

I’m also in the rather slow process of uploading really old photos from Children’s Day and from my phone, so keep posted. Additional Children’s Day photos here: